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Good Examples of Funny Blog Names

General & Lifestyle

  • Chuckle Chunks
  • Giggle Gobbles
  • Snicker Snippets
  • Jest Jottings
  • Haha Highlights

Food & Recipes

  • Chewy Chuckles
  • Bite Bloopers
  • Nosh Nonsense
  • Gobble Giggles
  • Munchie Mockery

Travel & Adventure

  • Roam Roars
  • Wander Winks
  • Trip Tickles
  • Voyage Vexes
  • Journey Jokes

Tech & Gadgets

  • Gadget Guffaws
  • Pixel Pranks
  • Code Chuckles
  • Tech Teases
  • Digital Doodles

Fashion & Beauty

  • Trendy Teases
  • Chic Chuckles
  • Style Sillies
  • Drape Drapes
  • Blush Blunders

Health & Fitness

  • Flex Funnies
  • Workout Whoops
  • Gym Giggles
  • Plank Pranks
  • Squat Squibs

Art & Design

  • Sketch Snickers
  • Doodle Droll
  • Paint Puns
  • Crafty Cackles
  • Design Delights

Music & Entertainment

  • Tune Tickles
  • Beat Bloopers
  • Melody Mockery
  • Riff Riddles
  • Harmony Hoots

Personal Development & Self-help

  • Growth Giggles
  • Wisdom Whoops
  • Reflective Riddles
  • Insight Ironies
  • Progress Pranks

Environment & Nature

  • Eco Exclamations
  • Green Gags
  • Planet Puns
  • Nature Nonsense
  • Flora Funnies


What is the primary theme or subject of my blog?

The core of your blog should be evident, even in a humorous name. If you're discussing daily life mishaps, names like “Tripping Through Life” or “Everyday Oops” can be both funny and descriptive. The humor should be a seasoning to the main content, enhancing its appeal.

Who is my target audience?

Understanding your audience is crucial. If you're targeting a younger demographic, internet slang or current pop culture references might be apt. For an older audience, nostalgic or classic humor might resonate better. The humor should be relatable to the readers you're aiming to attract.

How can I play with words or puns?

Puns or wordplay can be a goldmine for humor. For a cooking blog, “Thyme to Dine” or “Fork and Funny” can be playful and relevant. Ensure the pun is clear to avoid confusion.

How concise can I make the name while retaining the humor?

Brevity can be impactful, but the humor shouldn't be lost. Names like “GrinBin” are short and humorous, but also ensure they convey some sense of the blog's content.

How does the potential name sound when spoken aloud?

A funny name should evoke laughter or at least a smile when heard. Say it aloud to see if it has the intended humorous effect. Getting feedback from others can also gauge its comedic value.