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Good Examples of Music Blog Names

Album Review Blogs

  • Album Analysis
  • Sound Scores
  • Record Reviews
  • Track Takes
  • Spin Stories

Emerging Artists Blogs

  • Artist Ascension
  • Newbeat Notes
  • Fresh Frequencies
  • Rising Rhythms
  • Breakout Beats

Genre-Specific Blogs (e.g., Jazz, Rock, etc.)

  • Jazz Journals
  • Rock Records
  • Pop Profiles
  • Country Chronicles
  • Electro Edits

Concert & Live Performance

  • Concert Chronicles
  • Gig Guides
  • Live Listens
  • Stage Snapshots
  • Venue Views

Music History & Culture

  • Retro Records
  • Era Echos
  • Vintage Vibes
  • Decade Decibels
  • Timeless Tunes

Music Production & Technology

  • Production Profiles
  • Tech Tones
  • Studio Stories
  • Mix Masterpieces
  • Soundboard Snapshots

Music Theory & Education

  • Theory Threads
  • Note Narratives
  • Scale Stories
  • Harmony Highlights
  • Rhythm Reads

Indie & Underground Music

  • Indie Insights
  • Underground Updates
  • Alt Audio
  • Subterranean Sounds
  • Niche Notes

Global & World Music

  • Global Grooves
  • World Waves
  • Cultural Chords
  • Continental Compositions
  • Earthly Echos

Musician Lifestyle & Stories

  • Artist Avenues
  • Musician Memoirs
  • Tour Tales
  • Backstage Blogs
  • Melodic Memoirs

Music News & Releases

  • Beat Bulletins
  • Release Records
  • Music Moments
  • Tune Times
  • Sound Stories

Music Playlists & Mixes

  • Playlist Profiles
  • Mix Musings
  • Curated Chords
  • Setlist Stories
  • Groove Guides

Music Instruments & Gear

  • Gear Glimpses
  • Instrument Insights
  • Kit Chronicles
  • Gearbox Grooves
  • Tool Tunes

Music Interviews & Features

  • Artist Asks
  • Soundbite Sessions
  • Melody Meetings
  • Tune Talks
  • Riff Replies

Music & Film (Soundtracks, Scores)

  • Cinematic Sounds
  • Film Frequencies
  • Score Stories
  • Movie Melodies
  • Soundtrack Snapshots


What specific music genres or themes will I focus on?

Your blog's name should reflect its musical focus. If you're emphasizing jazz, terms like “swing,” “blue notes,” or “improv” might be apt. This gives readers an immediate sense of your musical expertise.

Who is my target audience?

Shape your blog's name to resonate with your intended readers. If you're targeting indie music lovers, a quirky or alternative name might be fitting. For classical music enthusiasts, a more timeless or elegant tone could be appropriate.

How can I make the name memorable?

Memorable names often play on musical imagery, iconic songs, or the emotions evoked by music. Think of names that evoke rhythm, harmony, or the spirit of a live performance.

Do I want the name to be straightforward or more abstract?

A direct name, like “Rock Riffs Review,” offers immediate clarity. An abstract name, like “Sonic Euphoria,” might be more evocative but could require added branding to define its focus.