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Good Examples of Travel Blog Names

Adventure & Exploration Blogs

  • Adventure Avenues
  • Explore Excerpts
  • Quest Quests
  • Wanderlust Windows
  • Odyssey Outlines

City & Urban Travel Blogs

  • City Chronicles
  • Urban Unveilings
  • Metropolis Moments
  • Cityscape Snapshots
  • Street Stories

Nature & Wilderness Blogs

  • Nature Navigations
  • Wilderness Wonders
  • Terrain Trails
  • Flora Footprints
  • Wild Walks

Beach & Island Travel

  • Beachy Breaks
  • Island Insights
  • Shoreline Stories
  • Coastal Chronicles
  • Sand Snapshots

Mountain & Hiking Blogs

  • Mountain Musings
  • Peak Profiles
  • Trail Tales
  • Summit Snapshots
  • Hike Highlights

Solo Travel Blogs

  • Solo Sojourns
  • Lone Landings
  • Singular Steps
  • Alone Abroad
  • Soloist Stories

Couple & Romantic Travel

  • Couple Coordinates
  • Romantic Routes
  • Duo Destinations
  • Love Landings
  • Together Trails

Family & Kid-Friendly Travel

  • Family Footprints
  • Kiddo Chronicles
  • Clan Courses
  • Tot Trails
  • Family Forays

Budget & Backpacking Blogs

  • Budget Breaks
  • Pennywise Paths
  • Frugal Footsteps
  • Backpacker Blogs
  • Thrifty Trails

Luxury & Elite Travel

  • Luxe Landings
  • Elite Excursions
  • Plush Paths
  • Opulent Outings
  • Posh Passages

Cultural & Historical Travel

  • Cultural Chronicles
  • History Hops
  • Tradition Trails
  • Heritage Hikes
  • Epoch Explorations

Food & Culinary Travel

  • Culinary Courses
  • Foodie Footprints
  • Taste Trails
  • Palate Paths
  • Gourmet Getaways

Cruise & Sailing Blogs

  • Cruise Chronicles
  • Sailing Stories
  • Nautical Notes
  • Voyage Views
  • Sea Sojourns

Road Trips & Drives

  • Road Revelations
  • Drive Diaries
  • Highway Highlights
  • Route Reviews
  • Journey Journals

Eco & Sustainable Travel

  • Green Getaways
  • Eco Excursions
  • Sustainable Sojourns
  • Planet Paths
  • Clean Courses


What specific travel niches or destinations will I focus on?

Your blog's name should mirror its travel focus. If you're emphasizing European adventures, terms like “EuroTrek,” “Continental Quest,” or “Mediterranean Mosey” might be apt. This gives readers an immediate sense of your travel specialty.

Who is my target audience?

Shape your blog's name to resonate with your intended readers. If you're targeting budget travelers, a cost-conscious or backpacking-related name might be fitting. For luxury travelers, something elegant or opulent could be more appropriate.

How can I make the name memorable?

Memorable names often play on travel imagery, iconic landmarks, or the emotions evoked by exploring new places. Think of names that evoke wanderlust, discovery, or the spirit of adventure.

Do I want the name to be straightforward or more abstract?

A direct name, like “Asian Adventures,” offers immediate clarity. An abstract name, like “Nomadic Notes,” might be more evocative but could require added branding to clarify its focus.

Will the name allow for growth or diversification in the future?

If you might explore different travel trends, destinations, or even delve into travel gear reviews or cultural insights, ensure your name remains adaptable and won't limit your blog's evolution.