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Good Examples of Festival Business Name Ideas

General & Multi-Genre Festivals

  • FestiveFusion Fairs
  • GalaGlow Gatherings
  • EventEmpire Extravaganza
  • RevelRealm Rendezvous
  • CelebrateCraft Carnivals

Music & Concert Festivals

  • MelodyMingle Mania
  • TuneTrend Tributes
  • RhythmRealm Raves
  • BeatBurst Bonanza
  • SonicSpike Series

Food & Culinary Festivals

  • FlavorFiesta Fêtes
  • GourmetGlow Galas
  • CulinaryCraft Carnivals
  • TasteTrend Tours
  • DishDive Delights

Art & Craft Festivals

  • ArtisticAnchor Assemblies
  • CraftCraft Carnivals
  • MuseMingle Markets
  • ExhibitEmpire Events
  • PalettePulse Parades

Film & Cinema Festivals

  • FilmFusion Fests
  • CinemaCraft Celebrations
  • ScreenSpike Series
  • MotionMingle Mania
  • ReelRealm Rendezvous

Cultural & Heritage Festivals

  • CultureCraft Carnivals
  • HeritageHub Happenings
  • TraditionTrend Tributes
  • EthnicEmpire Events
  • LegacyLuxe Luminaries

Nature & Environmental Festivals

  • EcoEmpire Exhibits
  • GreenGlow Galas
  • NatureNook Nurtures
  • EarthEmpire Events
  • PlanetPulse Parades

Literary & Book Festivals

  • LitLuxe Lectures
  • BookBurst Bonanza
  • ReadRealm Rallies
  • StorySpike Series
  • NovelNook Nurtures

Tech & Innovation Festivals

  • InnovateInspire Initiatives
  • TechTrend Tributes
  • FutureFusion Fests
  • DigitalDive Days
  • GadgetGlow Galas

Wellness & Health Festivals

  • WellnessWave Weekends
  • HealthHub Happenings
  • MindfulMingle Mania
  • BodyBoost Bonanza
  • SoulSpike Series


What specific theme or genre does my festival cater to?

If you're organizing a music festival, “MelodyMingle Fest” might be apt. For a food festival, “FeastFiesta” suggests a grand culinary celebration.

Who is my primary target audience?

If you're targeting young adults, a name like “YouthYarn Fest” might resonate. For families, “FamFest Gatherings” might be more fitting.

What emotions or values do I want to evoke?

Festivals are about joy, unity, and shared experiences. Names like “UnityUmbrella Fest” or “CelebraConnect” can evoke these feelings.

Descriptive, abstract, or made-up word?

“FestFusion” is descriptive and immediately conveys a blend of festival themes. An abstract name like “FestiveSphere” offers a modern feel, while “FestivLink” is a unique blend.