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Great Examples of Gun Store Business Names

General Firearms & Supplies

  • BulletBlitz Boutique
  • TriggerTrend Traders
  • FirearmFlow Forums
  • PrecisionPulse Place
  • ArmoryAnchor Anchors

Luxury & Collector Firearms

  • EliteArm Emporium
  • LuxeLock Lounge
  • PremierPistol Palace
  • RegalRifle Retail
  • PoshPiece Place

Hunting Rifles & Gear

  • HuntHub Halls
  • SniperSway Supplies
  • WildWay Weapons
  • GameGuard Gear
  • OutdoorsOrdnance Outlets

Handguns & Personal Defense

  • DefenseDive Dealers
  • CompactCraft Central
  • SidearmSway Studios
  • PersonalProtection Products
  • GuardGrip Galleries

Shooting Range & Training

  • TargetTrend Traders
  • RangeRise Rooms
  • ShootSkill Studios
  • BullseyeBootcamps
  • AimAcademy Anchors

Tactical & Military-Grade Firearms

  • TacticalTouch Traders
  • CombatCraft Central
  • MilitaryMingle Markets
  • BattleBolt Boutiques
  • OpsOrdnance Outlets

Ammunition & Reloading Supplies

  • AmmoAscent Anchors
  • BulletBoost Boutiques
  • ReloadRise Retail
  • ShellShop Studios
  • CartridgeCraft Central

Gun Safes & Storage Solutions

  • SafeSecure Supplies
  • LockLuxe Lounges
  • VaultVista Ventures
  • ArmoryAnchor Accessories
  • GuardGear Galleries

Specialty & Custom Firearms

  • CustomCraft Central
  • BespokeBullet Boutiques
  • TailoredTrigger Treasures
  • UniqueUnload Unveil
  • HandmadeHub Halls

Gun Repair & Maintenance

  • FixFirearm Facilities
  • PrecisionPulse Pros
  • RepairRifle Rooms
  • TuneTrigger Technicians
  • MaintenanceMingle Markets


What specific products or services am I offering (e.g., firearms, ammunition, accessories, training)?

Tailoring the name to your specialty can guide clients. If you're focused on firearms, a name like “PrecisionFirearms” or “EliteArms” can be descriptive and catchy.

Who is my primary target audience (e.g., hunters, sport shooters, defense enthusiasts)?

Understanding your demographic is pivotal. For hunters, “Hunter's Haven” might resonate, while “TargetTech” could appeal to sport shooters.

Do I want the name to reflect any specific themes associated with firearms (e.g., precision, safety, heritage)?

If you emphasize safety, “SafeShoot Supplies” or “GuardianGun Gear” can highlight this theme.

Do I want the brand name to be professional, approachable, or have a heritage appeal?

Aligning with a specific vibe can guide branding. “ProPrecision Arms” might appeal to those seeking a professional vibe, while “HeritageHoldings” suggests a historical or heritage feel.

Do I want to incorporate a significant figure's name, a historical reference, or a personal name into the brand name?

Using personal names can add depth. “Johnson's Justice Guns” or “Patriot's Point Firearms” can make the business feel more personal.