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Good Examples of Juice Brand Name Ideas

Fresh & Pure Juices

  • PurePulp
  • FreshSqueeze
  • NectarNook
  • JuiceJolt
  • VitaDrip

Green & Vegetable Juices

  • VegVerve
  • GreenGlow
  • LeafLush
  • KaleKool
  • SpinSip

Fruit-Forward Juices

  • BerryBurst
  • CitrusCut
  • AppleArc
  • PeachPulse
  • GrapeGush

Detox & Cleanse Juices

  • CleanDrip
  • DetoxDew
  • FlushFlow
  • PurePurge
  • RenewRush

Exotic & Tropical Juices

  • TropTaste
  • ExoElixir
  • MangoMist
  • KiwiKiss
  • LushLagoon

Energy & Boost Juices

  • ZestZing
  • BoostBlend
  • VitaVerve
  • EnergEase
  • PepPulse

Cold-Pressed Juices

  • PressPure
  • ChillCraft
  • ColdCrisp
  • RawRush
  • SqueezeSnap

Kids & Fun Juices

  • JollyJuice
  • KiddoKool
  • FunFlow
  • GleeGulp
  • TotTaste

Premium & Luxury Juices

  • LuxeLush
  • PrimePulp
  • EliteElixir
  • GoldGush
  • PoshPour

Health & Wellness Juices

  • HealHydra
  • NutriNectar
  • WellWave
  • HealthHue
  • FitFlow


What type of juice am I offering?

If it's a green juice, names like “GreenGlow” or “VeggieVitality” might be apt. For a tropical blend, “TropiTwist” or “IslandInfusion” could resonate.

What flavor profiles are prominent in my juice?

For a berry-infused drink, “BerryBurst” or “FruitFusion” might be fitting. For a spicy kick, “ZestZen” or “SpiceSplash” can be catchy.

hat emotions do I want to evoke?

Names like “MorningMuse” or “SunriseSqueeze” can evoke feelings of a fresh start and morning rituals.

How does the name sound when spoken aloud?

It's essential to choose a name that's catchy and rolls off the tongue, like “LiquidLuxe” or “MellowMix.”