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Good Examples of Slime Business Name Ideas

General Slime Stores & Retailers

  • Slime Spectrum
  • Gooey Grove
  • Stretchy Spot
  • Slime Central
  • Puddle Playhouse

Luxury & Upscale Slime Collections

  • Elite Elastics
  • Posh Puddles
  • Luxe Lathers
  • Premier Putty
  • Regal Resilience

DIY Slime Kits & Ingredients

  • SlimeCraft Kits
  • DIY Drips
  • Mix & Muddle
  • Crafty Consistency
  • Blend Bubbles

Scented & Aromatic Slimes

  • Fragrant Flubber
  • Scented Stretches
  • Aroma Ooze
  • Perfumed Putty
  • Essence Elastic

Themed & Character Slimes

  • Galaxy Goo
  • Unicorn Unwind
  • Dino Drips
  • Fantasy Flubber
  • Cosmic Consistency

Slime Workshops & Classes

  • Slime School
  • Workshop Wobbles
  • Gooey Gatherings
  • Stretchy Sessions
  • Putty Playtime

Eco-Friendly & Organic Slimes

  • Green Goo
  • Natural Nudge
  • Organic Ooze
  • Bio Bounce
  • Earthy Elasticity

Slime Party Packs & Events

  • Party Putty
  • Festive Flubber
  • Eventful Elastics
  • Celebration Slime
  • Gather & Goo

Slime Accessories & Add-ins

  • Glitter Goo
  • Bead Bounce
  • Charm Consistency
  • Texture Treasures
  • Mix-in Magic

Slime Subscription Boxes

  • Monthly Muddle
  • SlimeBox Surprises
  • Gooey Gifts
  • Putty Parcels
  • Stretchy Subscriptions


What specific slime products am I emphasizing (e.g., fluffy slime, clear slime, scented slime)?

Tailoring the name to your specialty can guide clients. If you emphasize scented slime, a name like “ScentSquish Slimes” or “AromaGoo” can be descriptive and appealing.

Who is my primary target audience (e.g., kids, craft enthusiasts, educators)?

Understanding your demographic is pivotal. For kids, “KiddoGloop” might resonate, while “CraftyConsistency” could appeal to craft enthusiasts.

Do I want the name to reflect any specific themes associated with slime (e.g., science, magic, fantasy)?

If you emphasize the science behind slime, “LabGloop” or “ChemSquish” can highlight this theme.

Is the business focused on eco-friendly or non-toxic slime products?

If you're known for eco-friendly products, a name like “EcoElastic” or “GreenGoo” can attract eco-conscious parents and crafters.