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Great Examples of Swimwear Brand Names

General Swimwear

  • Splash Styles
  • Wave Wardrobe
  • Beach Bliss
  • Tide Trends
  • Swim Spectrum

Designer & Luxury Swimwear

  • Luxe Lagoons
  • Elite Estuaries
  • Chic Currents
  • Prime Poolsides
  • Regal Ripples

Handcrafted & Artistic Swimwear

  • Artisan Aquatics
  • Crafted Currents
  • Bespoke Beaches
  • Handmade Horizons
  • Stitched Seas

Sport & Athletic Swimwear

  • Sporty Splashes
  • Athletic Aquatics
  • Dive Dynamics
  • Play Poolsides
  • Active Oceans

Eco-friendly & Sustainable Swimwear

  • Green Gulfs
  • Eco Estuaries
  • Bio Beaches
  • Natural Nautical
  • Earthy Eddies

Kids & Teens Swimwear

  • Youthful Yachts
  • Kiddo Currents
  • Teen Tides
  • Junior Jets
  • Tot Tides

Vintage & Retro Swimwear

  • Vintage Vistas
  • Retro Ripples
  • Timeless Tides
  • Heirloom Horizons
  • Past Poolsides

Exotic & Tropical Swimwear

  • Exotic Estuaries
  • Tropical Tides
  • Island Illusions
  • Paradise Patterns
  • Lagoon Luxuries

Casual & Everyday Swimwear

  • Casual Currents
  • Daily Dives
  • Relaxed Ripples
  • Everyday Estuaries
  • Leisure Lagoons

Themed & Novelty Swimwear

  • Theme Tides
  • Novelty Nautical
  • Quirk Currents
  • Fun Flows
  • Motif Marinas


What specific styles or types of swimwear am I offering (e.g., bikinis, one-pieces, surfwear)?

Identifying your primary style can guide the naming process. If you specialize in bikinis, a name like “BikiniBliss” or “BeachBod Boutique” can be both descriptive and catchy.

Who is my primary target audience (e.g., young adults, athletes, luxury seekers)?

Understanding your demographic helps tailor the name. For athletes, “AquaAthlete” might resonate, while “LuxeLagoon” could appeal to luxury seekers.

Is there a unique selling proposition (USP) or theme that sets my brand apart (e.g., eco-friendly materials, inclusive sizing)?

Highlighting your USP can set you apart. For eco-friendly materials, “EcoOcean” or “SustainSwim” can be apt.

Do I want the brand name to be modern, classic, or have a playful appeal?

Aligning with a specific vibe can guide branding. “ModernMarina” might appeal to contemporary tastes, while “ClassicCoast” evokes a timeless feel.