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Examples of Great Theme Park Business Names

General & Family-Friendly Theme Parks

  • JoyJungle Junction
  • FunFiesta Fantasyland
  • WhimsyWorld Wonders
  • MagicMingle Meadows
  • AdventureAnchor Arena

Fantasy & Magical Theme Parks

  • MysticMeadow Magic
  • FairyFalls Fantasy
  • EnchantEstate
  • DreamDive Domain
  • LegendLands

Adventure & Thrill Rides Theme Parks

  • ThrillTrek Territory
  • AdrenalineAnchor Adventures
  • PeakPulse Park
  • RushRide Realm
  • ExciteEmpire Estates

Sci-Fi & Futuristic Theme Parks

  • FutureFiesta Frontier
  • GalaxyGlide Gardens
  • SpaceSpike Spectrum
  • TechTrek Territory
  • CosmicCraft Cosmos

Historical & Time Travel Theme Parks

  • EpochEmpire Estates
  • TimeTwist Territory
  • LegacyLands
  • PastPulse Park
  • HistoryHaven Hub

Nature & Wildlife Theme Parks

  • NatureNest Nook
  • WildlifeWonder World
  • TerraTrek Trails
  • FloraFalls Fantasy
  • EcoEmpire Estates

Water & Aquatic Theme Parks

  • WaveWander World
  • SplashSpike Spectrum
  • AquaAnchor Adventures
  • TideTwist Territory
  • MarineMingle Magic

Horror & Haunted Theme Parks

  • HauntHaven Hub
  • FrightFiesta Frontier
  • GhostGlide Gardens
  • SpookSpike Spectrum
  • NightmareNook

Movie & Entertainment Theme Parks

  • CinemaCraft Cosmos
  • FilmFiesta Fantasy
  • StarScene Spectrum
  • EpicEmpire Estates
  • ShowtimeShift

Cultural & Worldly Theme Parks

  • CultureCraft Cosmos
  • WorldWander Wonders
  • GlobeGlide Gardens
  • HeritageHaven Hub
  • TraditionTrek Territory


What is the central theme or concept of the park (e.g., fantasy, adventure, science fiction)?

If it's fantasy-themed, names like “FantasiaLand” or “Enchanted Kingdom” can resonate.

Who is the primary target audience (e.g., families, thrill-seekers, children)?

For families, “FamilyFiesta Park” might be apt, while “ThrillTopia” can appeal to adrenaline junkies.

What emotions do I want to evoke with the brand name (e.g., wonder, excitement, nostalgia)?

Names like “WonderWorld” or “NostalgiaNook” can evoke the desired emotions.

Does the park have signature attractions or rides that can inspire the name?

If there's a giant roller coaster, “RollerRealm” or “CoasterCove” might be fitting.

Do I want the brand name to be descriptive, abstract, or based on a made-up word?

A descriptive name like “PirateParadise” is straightforward, while an abstract name like “JoyJungle” leaves room for interpretation.

Is there a story or lore behind the theme park that could inspire the name?

If the park is inspired by a mythical island, names like “Isle of Illusions” can be apt.