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Great Examples of Thrift Store Names

General Thrift Stores

  • Thrift Threads
  • Bargain Bazaar
  • Value Vault
  • Finders Fair
  • Treasure Trove

Vintage & Retro Thrift Stores

  • Vintage Vistas
  • Retro Ranges
  • Timeless Treasures
  • Heirloom Haul
  • Past Picks

Designer & Luxury Thrift Stores

  • Luxe Loot
  • Elite Elegance
  • Chic Cache
  • Prime Picks
  • Regal Resales

Handcrafted & Artistic Thrift Stores

  • Artisan Aisle
  • Crafted Collections
  • Bespoke Bazaar
  • Handmade Haul
  • Stitched Selections

Kids & Teens Thrift Stores

  • Youthful Yields
  • Kiddo Keeps
  • Teen Treasures
  • Junior Junction
  • Tot Togs

Eco-friendly & Sustainable Thrift Stores

  • Green Goods
  • Eco Emporium
  • Sustainable Selections
  • Natural Nook
  • Earthy Elegance

Books & Media Thrift Stores

  • Novel Nook
  • Media Market
  • Book Bazaar
  • Tale Trove
  • Read Resales

Furniture & Decor Thrift Stores

  • Furnish Finds
  • Decor Den
  • Homely Haul
  • Abode Aisle
  • Nest Nook

Casual & Everyday Thrift Stores

  • Casual Collections
  • Daily Deals
  • Relaxed Ranges
  • Everyday Elegance
  • Leisure Loot

Specialty & Niche Thrift Stores

  • Niche Nook
  • Specialty Selections
  • Quirk Quarters
  • Unique Unveil
  • Motif Market


What specific items or themes am I offering (e.g., vintage clothing, furniture, books)?

Identifying your primary offerings can guide the naming process. If you specialize in vintage clothing, a name like “VintageVibes” or “RetroRack” can be both descriptive and catchy.

Who is my primary target audience (e.g., young adults, antique collectors, budget shoppers)?

Understanding your demographic helps tailor the name. For young adults, “ThriftThreads” might resonate, while “AntiqueAlley” could appeal to collectors.

Do I want the name to reflect any specific themes or aesthetics (e.g., bohemian, minimalist, eclectic)?

If you emphasize a bohemian theme, “BohoBargains” or “HippieHaven” can highlight your store's aesthetic.

How do I want customers to feel when they shop at my thrift store (e.g., adventurous, nostalgic, eco-conscious)?

Capturing the desired emotion can be powerful. If nostalgia is the goal, “NostalgiaNooks” or “MemoryMarket” can evoke the right sentiment.