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Good Examples of Travel Company Name Ideas

General & All-Purpose Travel

  • VoyageVista Ventures
  • WanderWave World
  • TripTrend Transits
  • JourneyJoy Journeys
  • ExploreEmpire Expeditions

Luxury & Premium Travel

  • LuxeLands Leisure
  • EliteEscapes
  • PrestigePassages
  • OpulentOdysseys
  • RegalRoutes

Budget & Affordable Travel

  • ThriftyTrek Tours
  • BudgetBound Bliss
  • ValueVoyage Ventures
  • EconoExplore
  • WalletWise Wander

Adventure & Outdoor Travel

  • TerraTrek Tours
  • RuggedRoutes
  • AdventureAnchor
  • WildWave World
  • ExplorerEmpire

Urban & City Travel

  • MetroMingle Maps
  • CityCraft Cruises
  • UrbanUsher Unfold
  • DowntownDiscover
  • SkylineSightsee

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Travel

  • EcoExplore Expeditions
  • GreenGlobe Getaways
  • NatureNavigate
  • PurePulse Paths
  • TerraTours Travel

Family & Kid-Friendly Travel

  • FamilyFiesta Flights
  • KiddoKingdom Cruises
  • TotTrek Tours
  • WhimsyWave World
  • PlayPalace Paths

Business & Executive Travel

  • ExecutiveEscapes
  • BusinessBound Bliss
  • CorporateCraft Cruises
  • BoardroomBound
  • MeetingMingle Maps

Romantic & Couples Travel

  • RomanceRoutes
  • LoveLands Leisure
  • CoupleCraft Cruises
  • PassionPassages
  • HeartfeltHolidays

Cultural & Historical Travel

  • CultureCraft Cruises
  • HeritageHaven Holidays
  • LegacyLands Leisure
  • TraditionTrek Tours
  • PastPulse Paths


What type of travel services does my company offer (e.g., luxury tours, backpacking adventures, cruises)?

If you're focused on luxury tours, a name like “LuxeJourneys” or “EliteEscapes” might be apt.

Who is my primary target audience (e.g., families, solo travelers, honeymooners)?

For families, “FamilyFrontiers” might resonate, while “SoloSafaris” can appeal to individual travelers.

What emotions do I want to evoke with the brand name (e.g., excitement, relaxation, discovery)?

Names like “DiscoverDuo” or “RelaxRoutes” can evoke the desired emotions.

Does the company specialize in certain destinations or regions?

If you focus on European tours, “EuroExpeditions” or “ContinentalCruises” might be fitting.