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Great Examples of Vintage Business Names

General Vintage Businesses

  • Vintage Vault
  • Retro Relics
  • Timeless Treasures
  • Past Prestige
  • Era Elegance

Vintage Clothing & Apparel

  • Vintage Vogue
  • Retro Raiment
  • Bygone Blends
  • Heirloom Hues
  • Decade Drapes

Vintage Furniture & Decor

  • Antique Abode
  • Retro Rooms
  • Bygone Benches
  • Era Elegance
  • Timeless Tables

Vintage Books & Media

  • Novel Nostalgia
  • Retro Reads
  • Bygone Books
  • Era Editions
  • Timeless Tomes

Vintage Jewelry & Accessories

  • Gem Gallery
  • Retro Relics
  • Bygone Baubles
  • Era Earrings
  • Timeless Trinkets

Vintage Cars & Vehicles

  • Retro Rides
  • Vintage Vehicles
  • Bygone Buggies
  • Era Engines
  • Timeless Transports

Vintage Toys & Collectibles

  • Retro Relics
  • Bygone Blocks
  • Era Entertainment
  • Timeless Toys
  • Past Playthings

Vintage Music & Instruments

  • Retro Records
  • Vintage Vibes
  • Bygone Beats
  • Era Echoes
  • Timeless Tunes

Vintage Art & Crafts

  • Antique Artistry
  • Retro Renderings
  • Bygone Brushstrokes
  • Era Easels
  • Timeless Textures

Specialty & Niche Vintage Businesses

  • Niche Nostalgia
  • Specialty Selections
  • Quirk Quarters
  • Unique Unveil
  • Motif Memories


What specific items or themes am I offering (e.g., vintage clothing, furniture, jewelry)?

Identifying your primary offerings can guide the naming process. If you specialize in vintage clothing, a name like “RetroRaiment” or “VintageVogue” can be both descriptive and catchy.

Who is my primary target audience (e.g., collectors, fashion enthusiasts, antique lovers)?

Understanding your demographic helps tailor the name. For collectors, “Collector's Cache” might resonate, while “FashionedFromPast” could appeal to vintage fashion enthusiasts.

Is there a unique selling proposition (USP) or theme that sets my business apart (e.g., hand-restored items, curated collections)?

Highlighting your USP can set you apart. For hand-restored items, “RestoredRadiance” or “TimeTouched Treasures” can be apt.

Is there a story or personal journey behind starting this vintage business that could inspire the name?

Personal stories resonate with customers. If your love for history inspired your business, “HistoricHues” or “PastPassions” can add a personal touch.