Duda Pricing Plans: How Much Does Duda Cost in 2023?

Updated Oct 11, 2023.

Duda website builder is an all-in-one solution for building simple blogs and professional websites. It offers various options, features, and possibilities to build a website or an e-commerce platform to take your client’s business to the next level.

However, considering Duda's plethora of pricing plans, finding an option that best caters to your needs can be overwhelming.

These pricing plans can be divided into two main categories, i.e., websites and e-commerce. The basic website and eCommerce plans begin from $19 and $3.62 (when billed annually), respectively.

Read on to learn more about Duda pricing, its features, and how to make the most of this website builder to take your blog or client’s website to the next level.

Duda Pricing Explained – Overview

Duda website builder caters to agencies and teams offering web designing services. Keeping that in perspective, Duda offers four primary plans for website design and three for e-commerce.

Duda Pricing Plans for Teams and Website Development Agencies

$19 (Billed annually)
$29 (Billed annually)
Save $25 annually
$52 (Billed annually)
Save $25 annually
White Label
$149 per month
Save $25 annually
– One site and AWS hosting
– Email support
– One site and AWS hosting
– Email support
– Up to 4 team members
– Client billing
– Client management
– Four sites and AWS hosting
– Priority, email, phone and chat support
– Up to 10 team members
– Client billing
– Client management
– Dynamic pages
– Widget builder
– Site export
– Four sites and AWS hosting
– Priority email, phone and chat support
– Up to 10 team members
– Client billing
– Client management
– Dynamic pages
– Widget builder
– Site export
– Your brand on every part of the platform
– Custom platform domain
– Branded client communication
– White-label client access
– Branded client login screen

Duda Pricing Plans for Business and eCommerce

Duda Ecommerce plan

What We Think of Duda's Pricing Plans


  • Create whole websites with a few clicks using Duda’s top-notch editing tool
  • Offer excellent browsing experience to your site visitors by creating mobile and tablet-friendly websites
  • Craft unique and engaging websites with more than 100 intricate templates
  • Improve your website’s performance and overall response with traffic analysis and insights


  • Doesn’t offer a free plan and is relatively expensive
  • Widget store has limited options
  • Won’t let you switch between templates
  • Responsive design but limited to Flex sections and templates

Duda icon
Editor’s Take

Duda is your ultimate toolkit for a website builder. Its feature-rich and extensive website-building features ensure you can create a user-friendly website. Whether you would like to build a simple website for your brand or blog, or a more complex solution to cater to clients and offer web development and e-commerce solutions, Duda is your go-to. Its dynamic personalization features and customized pricing plans offer countless possibilities and excellent ROI.

Web development solutions for agencies
Starts from $19 per month (billed annually)
Annual Saving
Up to 25% saving

Duda Website Plans: Which is the Best?

Duda primarily offers four plans that cater to small businesses, bloggers and small brand owners, small-scale teams, and full-time functioning website agencies. The primary difference between all these plans is the number of websites you can build, and the rest varies.

If you want to excel more and would like Duda to cater to your personalized needs, then you have the custom option. Each website can be easily search engine optimized so it ranks well on Google, improving your website’s visibility and increasing ROI.

Also, before you get started, you can always avail the 14-day free trial with Duda and figure out which pricing plan works best for you.

FeaturesBasicTeamAgencyWhite Label
Duda pricing per month (monthly payment)$25 per month$39 per month$69 per month$199 per month
Duda pricing per month (annual payment)$19 per month$29 per month$52 per month$149 month
Price Per Additional Website$19/mo or $171/yr $14.99/mo or $144/yr $12.99/mo or $119/yr $12.99/mo or $119/yr
Website Personalization
App Store
Content LibraryLimited
Site PagesUp to 1000Up to 1000Up to 1000Up to 1000
Dynamic Pages with Internal CollectionsLimited
Widget Builder

Now let’s check out each of the Duda pricing plans in detail. So you can have a better understanding of what the plan offers and whether it works for you or not.

Duda Basic Plan

The Duda Basic Plan primarily targets new business owners who want to create a digital presence for their new online venture. Or web designers who are just starting in their careers.

The Basic plan gives you access to core offerings and primary features built into all Duda websites. With the Duda Basic plan, you gain access to the following features:

  • Building and hosting one website
  • No storage restrictions and faster website loading time with unlimited bandwidth from Amazon Web Services hosting
  • Get help from the Duda Support Team via email support
  • Create a personalized website via premade templates and handy tools
  • Protect your website and push existing client data including brand and customer information with HTTPS encryption
  • Helps your business reach a larger audience with multi-language translation
  • Increase your website’s functionality by accessing relevant apps from Duda’s App Store
  • Customize your website with countless free and premium images
  • Manually manage your business data and information with data management offerings including limited access to the content library via the Duda website builder

Furthermore, the Duda Basic Plan also comes with Team Collaboration that allows small business owners to share content and templates with one team member.

Duda Basic Plan is Best for

  • Emerging businesses: The plan is ideal for small and emerging businesses catering to only one site.

Duda Basic Plan is Not for

  • Agencies: Small web production agencies dealing with multiple clients cannot make much of the basic plan.
  • Teams: Teams working remotely or otherwise cannot do much with the basic plan due to the limited number of websites it offers.
Maximum website functionality by accessing various Duda appsEnsure your website’s and customer data remains secure with HTTPS encryption24/7 customer support is not availableLimited for personal use only because you can create only one website
Excellent website loading speed and great storage capacity with unlimited bandwidthCreative restriction due to the limitation of adding only one team memberConsidering all the features, the basic plan is relatively more expensive than other website builders

Price$25 per month (monthly cycle)$19 per month (annual cycle)
Annual Saving$25 when billed annually
Icon 1

Duda Basic Plan: Use Case

Stacy is a small business owner who is just starting out in the world of real estate listings. She loves building websites, and as a newcomer, she chooses the Duda Basic Plan to test her waters and see if her skills land her an opportunity in the real estate market.

She designed her first website via the Duda website builder. Using the convenient drag-and-drop features of Duda, she was able to provide custom development services in a clear and attractive manner.

Duda Team Plan

The Duda Team plan features the same core offerings as the Basic plan with a few distinct differences. You also get access to advanced tools and client management key features.

The plan is tailored for individuals working as a team who want access to more support. Here’s a quick snapshot of the critical upgrades to the Duda Team plan:

Core Offerings

  • Cater to more clients by unlocking additional websites at discounted prices
  • Contact Duda to resolve an issue via email, chat, and phone support
  • Access all your customer and business information across various platforms by accessing the complete content library

Team Collaboration Offerings

  • Collaborate with more than 4 team members
  • Assign specific roles to each team member
  • Create custom widgets, save and share templates across all team members and websites
  • Improve website design by getting expert opinion

Client Management Offerings

  • Give permissions and access to your team members and clients to edit and manage websites
  • Allows feedback from clients and customers via site comments
  • Access limited dynamic pages with internal collection

Advanced Tools

  • Access dynamic pages
  • Limited access to Zapier apps

Duda Team Plan is Best for

  • Collaborative Freelancers: This plan is perfect for freelancers who occasionally work in teams and need advanced features without committing to more extensive plans.
  • Startups & Small Businesses: Ideal for emerging businesses with a focus on a single website that requires a collaborative approach to web design and client management.

Duda Team Plan is Not for

  • Large Web Agencies: Given its limitations, this plan might not be suitable for established web development agencies that manage multiple clients and require extensive features for diverse projects.
Set up more websites with Team Plan by accessing additional websites at a discounted price.Design engaging and coherent websites swiftly with the help of dynamic pages.You cannot create a custom domain name, which might make things challenging when developing business sites.You only gain access to one website and must pay for additional websites, which would add to your budget.
Improve your website development skills by getting expert opinions and advice.Get quick responses on your reservations from the Duda support team via chat, phone, and email support.You cannot add professionally designed marketing materials for branding your website.No access to a simple editor to speed up the site development process

Price$39 per month (monthly cycle)$29 per month (annual cycle)
Annual Saving$25 when billed annually
Icon 1

Duda Team Plan: Use Case

Maddy is a budding web designer who was looking for a website-building platform when he came across Duda. He found the Duda website builder toolkit extremely functional, and its drag-and-drop technique for building a website was super convenient.

He decided to start independently, but gradually, when his friends showed interest, he added them as members, and all started working as a team. With team effort and continuous struggle, they devised a brand website that was customer-driven and highly engaging. They’re now working as a remote team, catering to many clients.

Duda Agency Plan

The Duda Agency Plan caters to the needs of small to large-scale web development agencies. It allows you to design four websites with the same team collaboration offerings and several client management offerings, improving customer experience and ensuring maximum profitability.

Here is everything that the Duda Agency Plan offers.

Core Offerings

  • Take your web development agency to the next level and cater to more clients with built-in support for up to four websites
  • Resolve your problems at the earliest with priority support from the Duda Team via chat, phone, and email

Team Collaboration Offerings

  • Build your business and stay connected with your team by adding up to 10 members

Client Management Offerings

  • Allow your team members and clients to edit and manage websites
  • Allows feedback from clients and customers via site comments
  • Access unlimited dynamic pages with internal collection

Advanced Tools

  • Website export tool
  • Limited access to Zapier apps
  • Unlimited access to widget builder
  • Unlimited access to dynamic pages internal collection
  • Limited access to dynamic pages with external collection

Duda Agency Plan is Best for

  • Mid-tier Agencies: Perfectly suited for agencies in their growth phase looking to manage multiple projects efficiently.
  • Collaborative Freelancers & Remote Teams: A great fit for freelancers, remote teams, and budding agencies aiming to offer web solutions.

Duda Agency Plan is Not for

  • Enterprise-Level Agencies: Given its scale, this plan might fall short for large web development corporations that cater to a broad clientele with diverse and expansive needs.
Cater to more clients by designing and developing four different and unique websites.Speed up your web development process by getting unlimited access to dynamic pages' internal collection.You won’t be able to cater to your client's custom domain URL needs.No access to the simple editor to expedite the site development process.
Back up your website data and content by exporting all the images, files, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript as a Zip FIleGet front in line for a quick response from the Duda Support Team with priority email, chat, and phone support.

Price$69 per month (monthly cycle)$52 per month (annual cycle)
Annual Saving$25 when billed annually
Icon 1

Duda Agency Plan: Use Case

Ella is a web developer who started as a freelancer. She started web designing from the Duda basic plan. She chose Duda because it provides custom development services with its dynamic pages and creates custom widgets.

Eventually, when she got the hang of the website builder and built numerous engaging and functional websites, she expanded her business and invested in the Agency plan. She’s now developing and managing websites for various businesses and has made quite a name for herself.

Duda White Label Plan

Anyone looking for a more tailored and customizable plan for their business should go for the Duda White Label Plan.

From branded log-in screens to custom domain names, White Label allows you to customize the entire client experience and offers tailored solutions for their specific requirements. It comes with all the same client management offerings and some more.

Here is everything the Duda White Label Plan offers:

Core Offerings

  • Cater to more clients with built-in support for up to four websites and access to additional websites at discounted prices
  • Contact Duda with priority chat, email, and phone support

Team Collaboration Offerings

  • Grow your business and its potential by adding up to 10 team members, clients, and employees

Client Management Offerings

  • Provide your client with a more tailored, customized experience with white-label branding
  • Improve your website’s visibility and drive more ROI by accessing white-label analytics and stats
  • Let your client’s business be easily discovered with a custom website and email domain

Advanced Tools

  • Dynamic pages with internal collections
  • Limited access to Zapier apps
  • Widget builder
  • Website export
  • Limited access to dynamic pages with external collection

Duda White Label Plan is Best for

  • Established Enterprises: Ideal fit for large businesses aiming to deliver high-end, bespoke experiences to their clientele.
  • Ascending Agencies: Well-suited for mid-tier agencies in a growth phase that prioritize delivering a customized client experience.

Duda White Label Plan is Not for

  • Budding Businesses: Given its scope and intent, the plan may not cater effectively to smaller enterprises yet to establish a robust client roster.
Cater to more clients by designing and developing four different and unique websites.Offer tailored experience to your clients with custom email and web domain names.Customizing your client’s website using white-label marketing materials to showcase their brand identity.Access white-label insights and analytics to drive more ROI and improve the website’s performance.You don’t have access to instant chat support, which could delay response time to your clients.The limited number of websites hinders the growth of your business by limiting your client base.The limited number of team members will make things challenging when running a full-fledged agency challenging.

Price$199 per month (monthly cycle)$149 per month (annual cycle)
Annual Saving$25 when billed annually
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Duda White-Label Plan: Use Case

Elena runs a web-development agency and her clients wants their websites to showcase their brand identity. She upgrades to the white-label plan to use more tailored marketing material and create a custom domain name for her clients. 

It drives more visibility to the client’s website, generating more leads. She also uses the client’s marketing material to make the website more relevant to the business.

Duda eCommerce Plans: Which is the Best?

If you or your clients are looking for an eCommerce solution, the Duda platform offers three e-commerce plans you can add to any primary Duda plan. You pay for these plans either on a monthly or annual basis.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what each eCommerce plan offers:

Wix pricing per month (monthly payment)$8/mo$22/mo$49/mo
Wix pricing per month (annual payment)$7.25/mo$3.62 when purchased with coupon code$19.25/mo$9.62 when purchased with coupon code$39/mo
Product Options
Product Categories
Custom Product Fields
Inventory Management
Multiple Inventory Locations
Product Import & Export
Store Search
Digital Products

Duda Standard eCommerce Plan

The Duda Standard eCommerce Plans come with impeccable key features for even an entry-level eCommerce store. The starting product limit is 100, and there are various other possibilities to keep the client's business growing.

  • Engage customers by offering coupon codes and gift cards
  • Offer maximum payment convenience through Stripe and Paypal
  • Maximum website visibility with Duda Indexing by Google
  • Improve your website performance and generate more leads with store analytics
  • Streamline product selling by exporting and importing products from various platforms

Duda Standard eCommerce Plan is Best for

  • eCommerce Startups: Entrepreneurs launching their online store for the first time, looking for a manageable product catalog and essential eCommerce features.
  • Businesses Prioritizing Payment Flexibility: Those that want to offer varied payment methods, catering to customer preferences with Stripe and Paypal.
  • Local Businesses Seeking Online Exposure: Brick-and-mortar shops transitioning online, aiming to benefit from Duda’s seamless Google indexing.

Duda Standard eCommerce Plan is Not for

  • Mature eCommerce Giants: Businesses that manage thousands of products, need more advanced inventory and supply chain solutions.
  • Global Enterprises: Multi-national firms requiring multi-lingual, multi-currency, and complex logistic support for diverse markets.
Accepts payment from all major credit/debit cards, App Store, and Google PlayDoesn’t feature automated tax calculation
Maximum convenience with Stripe and PaypalLimited number of products
Manual shipping and tax rates setup
Customized analytics reports

Price$8 per month (monthly cycle)$7.25 per month (annual cycle)$3.62 when purchased with coupon code
Annual Saving50% off with discount code
Icon 1

Duda eCommerce Standard Plan: Use Case

A pizza delivery business in Houston wants to expand its target market and let the local people know they are delivering. 

By opting for the Duda Standard eCommerce Plan, they enhanced their Google visibility with its SEO tools. As a result, their target audience was able to discover them more, bringing them more sales.

Duda eCommerce Advanced Plan

The Duda Advanced eCommerce Plan includes all of the Standard plan offerings and some additional features to help growing businesses reach a broader target audience.

For instance, this plan offers 1000 product listings with 300 variants for each product, which is quite an upgrade. Not to mention, the catalog management offerings make updating your product list on the website super easy.

  • Automatic tax calculation for added convenience
  • Expand your sales by selling downloadable products of up to 1GB
  • Increase your product visibility on search engines by optimizing the SEO of each product separately
  • Generate more sales by sending reminders to your customers about their abandoned carts (This feature is coming soon)
  • Manage your entire online store from remote locations with Duda’s mobile store management app (This feature is coming soon)

Duda Advanced eCommerce Plan is Best for

  • Growing Online Retailers: eCommerce platforms needing more extensive product listings with diverse variants and easy catalog management.
  • Digital Product Sellers: Businesses selling downloadable content, ranging from software to digital courses, with files up to 1GB.
  • Multi-Store Managers: Those running more than one Duda online store concurrently.

Duda Advanced eCommerce Plan is Not for

  • Complex Logistical Enterprises: Firms with intricate supply chains across multiple inventory locations and broader international logistic needs.
Offer mobile store managementDoesn’t feature multiple languages
Sell up to 1000 productsDoesn’t offer multiple currency transactions
Sell subscriptions and accept donations
Auto tax calculation

Price$22 per month (monthly cycle)$19.25 per month (annual cycle)$9.62 when purchased with coupon code
Annual Saving50% off with discount code
Icon 1

Duda eCommerce Advanced Plan: Use Case

A newly launched digital clothing business in New York needed to streamline their inventory and add more products on the website. They offered variations for each outfit. 

The brand bought the eCommerce Advanced Plan from the Duda platform and could cater to its clients and showcase everything it had with its personalized features and humongous variation options.

Duda eCommerce Unlimited Plan

Lastly, the Duda Unlimited eCommerce Plan lives up to its name and offers unlimited products. The Duda Unlimited eCommerce plan is everything you need if you have a large-scale business or manage various designers under the same label. It comes with the same catalog management offerings as the Advanced plan and some more:

  • Sell downloadable products up to 10 GB
  • Apply discounts to specific products when a sale is going on
  • Conduct in-person sales and organize inventory through square POS
  • Cater to a versatile target market with multiple languages (This feature is coming soon)
  • Offers payment options in multiple currencies (This feature is coming soon)

Duda Unlimited eCommerce Plan is Best for

  • Expansive Retail Ventures: Businesses requiring an extensive product listing without any restrictions.
  • Sale-Savvy Retailers: Brands that frequently run promotions and need the flexibility to apply product-specific discounts effortlessly.
  • Design Consortiums: Labels or business owners managing multiple designers, requiring a unified platform for diverse offerings.

Duda Unlimited eCommerce Plan is Not for

  • Compact Retail Ventures: Smaller businesses that operate with a limited product range and don't require vast inventory management across multiple locations.
  • Immediate Need Firms: Companies seeking instant utilization of all features and can't afford to wait for “coming soon” offerings.
Unlimited product integrationQuite expensive and no discount offer
Square POS for organizing inventory
Supports multiple languages
Advanced store analytics

Price$49 per month (monthly cycle)$39 per month (annual cycle)
Annual Saving10% when paid annually
Icon 1

Duda eCommerce Advanced Plan: Use Case

A designer label in Texas showcases various designers under their umbrella. They had an issue streamlining their in-store and online purchases because of multiple inventory locations.

They decided to integrate Duda to streamline their inventories, manage multiple stores remotely, and offer payments in various currencies. This plan helped them expand their target market and business globally.

Which Duda Site Plan Offers the Best Value for Money?

For small agencies and remote team members, the Duda Agency Plan offers the best value for money. It comes at a reasonable price point and offers the following features that make it worth investing primarily:

  • It offers support for four built-in sites, and you can purchase additional sites at a discounted price.
  • The client management system, site export, access to dynamic pages, and content library allow developers to streamline information and provide a more user-centric experience.

Other than this, you can also upgrade to the Duda Custom plan which gives you access to unlimited team members, customer success agents, a dedicated account manager and much more. You must contact the Duda Team, who will lay out a plan tailored to your needs.

Which Duda eCommerce Plan Offers the Best Value for Money?

For online stores with up to 1,000 products, the Duda Advanced Plan offers the best value for money. This plan offers significant benefits for large e-commerce stores with diverse product options.

Plus, it offers additional features to boost sales, making it valuable for expanding online businesses or managing multiple stores for clients.

Duda also offers a Custom eCommerce plan tailored to your specific requirements. Contact Duda for more information regarding their custom eCommerce plan.

Duda Pricing vs. Competitors

Duda Market Share
Source: Enlyft

Duda has changed its pricing several times in the last few years. The website builder offers 4 primary site plans and three e-commerce plans starting from $19 when paid annually.

But are Duda’s prices justified with the industry standards? Is it expensive compared to the competitors? Let’s find out.

  • Duda vs. Squarespace: At $25/month, Duda's Basic plan offers unlimited bandwidth and more templates than Squarespace's $23/month plan.
  • Duda vs. Wix: Despite Wix’s cheaper $12/month plan, Duda, at $19/month, offers unlimited bandwidth, storage space, and full HTML support with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.
  • Duda vs. Weebly: Despite Weebly's cheaper $13/month plan, it has limited customization options and slow customer support. But Duda website builder offers more advanced website-building features with excellent customer support.
  • Duda vs. GoDaddy: GoDaddy's $9.99/month Basic plan focuses on social media, and customization options, whereas Duda offers a more comprehensive website-building experience with a primary focus on mobile customization and advanced features.
  • Duda vs. Hostinger: Hostinger's one-and-only premium plan at $2.99/month is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs and small businesses. On the other hand, Duda is a more advanced platform catering to the needs of web designers and agencies.
  • Duda vs. WordPress: At $25/month, the WordPress Business plan offers a custom domain and ad-free experience, but the development is more technical, whereas Duda's 29/month plan for the team is far more intuitive, with complete HTTPS support and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Duda vs. Shopify: Shopify's Basic Plan at $25/month excels in e-commerce tools and is designed for well-established e-stores. Duda is a perfect choice for small businesses just starting in the industry.
  • Duda vs. BigCommerce: At $39/month, BigCommerce's Standard plan caters to e-commerce with no transaction fees. However, Duda offers more advanced features with its Unlimited eCommerce plan for the same price.
  • Duda vs. Webflow: Webflow’s $29/month eCommerce Standard plan caters to design-centric users with CMS capabilities. Duda’s easy-to-use interface is an excellent choice for builders who want a simplified web development process with many functionalities.
  • Duda vs. Zenfollo: Though Zenfollow is cheaper at $18/month than Duda’s Basic $19/month plan, Duda offers a unique website-building experience where you can build and design portfolios, e-store, and blogs, whereas Zenfollo is limited to a visual-arts portfolio.

Duda Pricing: Final Thoughts

Duda offers various plans to cater to a wide range of users.

To set up a single website for a personal brand, you should start with the Basic plan. It’s affordable, offers plenty of features, and lets you get the hang of the website builder. However, this may not be ideal for setting up a small team or an agency.

If you’re starting an online store, you can start with the Standard package and upgrade when your business grows. It’s also ideal for small to large-scale agencies and businesses offering web development and eCommerce solutions.

Duda Pricing: FAQs

How many websites can you create with the Duda Agency Plan?

The Duda Agency Plan supports up to four websites; you can purchase additional websites for a discounted price of $12.99/mo/website.

Is Duda great for eCommerce?

Duda is an excellent choice for eCommerce as it seamlessly integrates online stores with websites through an e-commerce add-on. It offers various multi-channel selling tools to enhance success.

Does Duda have an intuitive design?

Duda has a very intuitive design with seamless drag-and-drop features. It’s an excellent choice for a website builder, from newbies to advanced users.

Does Duda Offer Mobile Optimization?

Duda offers a universally responsive design. All templates are optimized for mobiles, and you can also access a mobile editor to make changes on the go.

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