Blog Examples: 39 Inspiring Websites (2023)

Updated Nov 6, 2023.

To steer your way towards a successful blog website, it's crucial to dissect and learn from top-performing blogs. Ensuring regular visitors from search engines and generating revenue from blogging hinges upon emulating tried-and-tested strategies.

A startling insight from Blogging Statistics reveals that a whopping 95% of bloggers stumble and fail. The underlying reason? Their inadvertent oversight of the essential marketing dynamics that the triumphant 5% leverage. One of the standout features of many victorious blogs is their niche-oriented approach.

Selecting a niche not only deemed profitable but also aligning with your passion can catapult your success rate. However, it's not a ‘set-and-forget' game. Marrying captivating content with a sleek and user-friendly design is non-negotiable to retain and grow your audience.

Are you on the cusp of launching your blog or considering a makeover for your current one? Good news! Here's a deep dive into 39 exemplary blog website examples that can serve as your guiding star.

Run by the vibrant Allison Wagner, West Coast Aesthetic exemplifies how a fashion and lifestyle blog should feel.

  • Vibrant Palette: The predominant use of various pink shades immediately captures attention, making browsing a visual treat.
  • Welcoming Image: Allison's lively and colorful personal image on the homepage sets a personal and inviting tone right from the start.
  • Intuitive Organization: Posts are categorically arranged, making navigation a breeze. The special sections for fresh content and travel stories ensure readers have direct access to varied content.
  • Distinctive Branding: The multi-colored blog name is a testament to the playful and dynamic spirit of the blog.

Zion Adventure Photog is not just any photography blog; it's a prime example of how to effortlessly merge great design with stunning visuals.

  • Unified Design Theme: The blog maintains a harmonious color palette of pumpkin skin and white, which provides an adventurous yet serene atmosphere. This same color scheme seamlessly extends to their navigation menu and Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons.
  • Bold Typography: The blog employs large, eye-catching fonts, adding a distinct personality and making it stand out in the vast sea of photography blogs.
  • Structured Presentation: By adopting a three-column layout, the blog ensures readers can effortlessly skim through multiple posts at a glance.
  • Visual Feasts: True to its niche, Zion Adventure Photog is laden with breathtaking photographs

Sharleen’s fashionable alcove is where beauty insights and fashion tips come alive.

  • Personal Touch: The detailed portrait of Sharleen, traced with minimalist white lines, adds a warm, personal feel to the blog.
  • Sophisticated Color Choices: The harmonized use of white, black, and peach ensures a smooth, easy-on-the-eyes reading experience.
  • Varied Content Hierarchy: Sharleen masterfully divides her entries into ‘Most Recent' and ‘Most Popular,' ensuring readers can easily pick between trending and classic reads.
  • Sneak Peek into Her World: An embedded Instagram section at the footer offers readers a candid glimpse into Sharleen's vibrant social media journey, further enriching the connection.

This platform is a paradise for culinary enthusiasts who appreciate a fusion of text and video content.

  • Engaging Video Introduction: The first interaction is a high-definition video, giving readers an appetizing glimpse of what's in store.
  • Vivid Imagery: As one scrolls, the vibrant visuals paired with popping colors make each recipe jump off the page.
  • Innovative Structure: The unique ‘Recipes + Tutorials' segment effectively doubles as the main food blog, giving varied content in a structured manner.
  • Diverse Content Presentation: The three-column layout showcases a delightful mix of video clips and image thumbnails, ensuring content remains fresh and engaging.

Kelsey's self-named blog mirrors her personality and creative flair.

  • Evolving Backgrounds: The website uses a dynamic background color palette, transitioning from a calming white to dreamy fantasy shades, before settling on a refreshing cactus green.
  • Trendy Layout: Adhering to the popular 3×3 grid format, the blog ensures that recent stories grab the spotlight, followed by older ones.
  • Engagement Incentive: Offering a free audio training in return for email sign-ups is a brilliant strategy, helping build and nurture an active reader base.

6. KatyKatiKate - Blog Example
Source: Katykatikate

KatyKatiKate, a reflection of Katie Anthony's bold voice, is a distinctive space where feminism, family, and social justice converge.

  • Engaging Visual Introduction: The caption “I'm Not Nice” alongside an assertive image immediately sets the tone of the content you're about to engage with.
  • User-Centric Navigation: Visitors can seamlessly navigate through numerous articles, thanks to a well-organized categorization and tagging system.
  • Interactive Design: Featuring a four-column layout that highlights the latest blog posts, this blog ensures you're updated with the freshest content. Furthermore, a handy search function and easily accessible social media icons make sure you stay connected.

7. GeekTyrant - Blog Example
Source: Geek tyrant

GeekTyrant shatters the stereotype of news blogs being drab and mundane.

  • Visually Pleasing Design: The site captivates you with its rich blog cover images, ensuring you're always curious for more.
  • User Experience First: Everything, from the organization to the choice of a two-column layout, aims at enhancing the user experience.
  • Unique Branding: The Geek Tyrant logo, paired with a dark jungle green and black theme, immediately stamps its identity in the reader's mind.

Mrs. Space Cadet is not just another fitness blog; it's a delightful sprint of narratives and designs.

  • Vibrant Homepage: A snapshot of the blogger in mid-run sets the energetic vibe from the get-go.
  • Content Presentation: Through a systematic three-column layout, readers are treated to her exhilarating running tales.
  • Personal Touch: The colorful logo, catchy tagline, and the relatable writing style make the blog resonate deeply with its audience.

9. Mom Boss Life - Blog Example
Source: Mom boss life

Laura Gimbert's Mom Boss Life offers a delightful blend of aesthetics and content.

  • Typography Excellence: The choice of fonts immediately evokes a sense of style, fun, and creativity.
  • Visually Engaging: Bright, joyful images not only brighten up the page but also the reader's mood.
  • Effortless Browsing: With a two-column layout complemented by an infinite scroll feature, readers can seamlessly indulge in Laura's inspiring tales.

Olivia Bossert’s blog is a testament to the fact that sometimes, less is more.

  • Spotlight on Photography: Large, captivating blog cover images in a two-column layout ensure each photograph gets the attention it deserves.
  • Connectivity: Strategically placed social media icons, linking to platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, ensure readers stay connected across platforms.

Dive deep into Caribbean flavors with Cottons Restaurant's detailed blog posts on food, drinks, and lifestyle.

  • Soothing Aesthetics: The predominance of white spaces, paired with apricot shades, creates a serene reading environment.
  • Content Presentation: A systematic three-column layout ensures articles are showcased efficiently.
  • User-Friendly Features: Social sharing options for each post expand its reach, while a back-to-the-top button enhances navigation.

Unlikely Dad is a heartwarming portrayal of modern-day parenting.

  • Image-Centric Design: High-resolution photos, contrasting brilliantly against a white background, pull readers into each narrative.
  • Efficient Layout: Posts arranged in a systematic three-column layout ensure easy navigation.
  • Engaging Widgets: From an Instagram feed to a contact form and spotlighted posts, there's plenty to explore.

Join Tieka in her journey through Michigan's mesmerizing landscapes with Selective Potential.

  • Distinct Branding: A beautifully designed logo ensures brand recognition.
  • Content Layout: A three-column design showcases eye-catching travel images, enticing readers to explore more.
  • Interactive Features: Integrated social media icons and a dedicated Instagram feed section add depth to the reader's experience.

Lizzy's blog is a canvas of expansive visuals, capturing snippets of her daily adventures.

  • A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words: Large, film-like images dominate the site, telling stories even in the absence of words.
  • Consistent Branding: Lizzy's logo remains a constant, ensuring brand recall throughout the browsing experience.

This blog stands as a source of inspiration for artists and interior designers alike.

  • User-Centric Navigation: Distinct categories presented as sub-menus make navigation a breeze.
  • Content Presentation: A two-column design, paired with contemporary images, guarantees visual engagement.
  • Reading Comfort: Generous use of white spaces ensures a comfortable reading experience.

16. Jo Portia Mayari - Blog Example
Source: Joportia

Joanne Portia's musings come to life through classic monochrome hues, evoking timeless emotions.

  • Vintage Appeal: The monochrome palette, even in photographs, lends the blog a unique, classic charm.
  • Consistent Design: A soft peach background complements the centrally-aligned descriptions, creating a balanced visual appeal.

17. Cover Mum - Blog Example
Source: Cover-mum

Cover Mum offers a safe haven for busy moms looking to balance their multifaceted roles.

  • Striking Aesthetics: The desert storm background creates a visually appealing contrast with the dark fonts, ensuring easy readability.
  • Dynamic Layout: Blog posts are presented in a unique three-column layout with varying sizes, and each post is distinguished with a cover image, pronounced title, subtitle, and a creatively designed circular date tag.
  • Structured Navigation: A menu icon strategically placed at the top-left makes post categorization accessible. Plus, readily available social media icons and a search bar on the top right make user navigation seamless.

Drawing design inspiration from The Sorry Girls is sure to give your blog a visual uplift.

  • Balanced Palette: The Ecru White backdrop accentuates the black text and vibrantly colored images.
  • Organized Display: A systematic four-column layout categorizes posts while a comprehensive footer gives direct access to external platforms and ventures.
  • Engaging Interaction: The footer brims with clickable icons leading to their varied social media and business domains.

19. Charcoal Magazine - Blog Example
Source: Charcoal mag

Charcoal Magazine exemplifies contemporary, chic blog design.

  • Vivid Entrance: A compelling slideshow boasting high-quality images and immersive videos greets visitors.
  • Distinct Layout: The infusion of two, three, and four-column layouts adds dynamism and visual variety.
  • Color Chemistry: A contrasting light-dark theme, paired with a sleek user interface, guarantees user engagement.

20. Journal — Meiwen See - Blog Example
Source: Meiwen see

Meiwen See's photography blog encapsulates visual storytelling.

  • Focused Presentation: High-quality photographs take center stage in a three-column vertical arrangement.
  • Structured Design: The blog's layout is organized, with every column showcasing a title, image, clickable tags, and brief post intros.
  • Engaging Effects: The fantasy-colored backdrop contrasts perfectly with text and images, while dynamic zig-zag motions in the ‘Keep in Touch' section elevate user experience.

21. NoraMinno - Blog Example
Source: Nora minno

NoraMinno is the epitome of simplicity meeting expertise in the health and fitness domain.

  • Crisp Design: Clean typography, a pure white background, and vivid images project authority and clarity.
  • Engaging Content: High-res images paired with elucidative text help users explore various topics effortlessly.
  • Community Engagement: A dedicated commenting feature fosters user interaction and community building.

22. One Magazine - Blog Example
Source: Onemag

One Magazine offers a stylish dive into the world of fashion.

  • Minimalist Beauty: Generous white spaces enhance the legibility and spotlight the content.
  • Visual Engagement: Posts are packed with stunning images, echoing the visual-centric nature of the fashion world.
  • Tailored Content: The blog prioritizes visual narratives, using images to tell stories while keeping text minimal.

23. Brookliving by Brooklinen - Blog Example
Source: Brooklinen

For businesses keen on blog integration, Brookliving by Brooklinen stands as a shining example.

  • Product Integration: Articles are enriched with high-quality images featuring the brand's products.
  • Strategic Categorization: A menu bar classifies posts based on type, streamlining user searches.
  • Business CTA: A prominent CTA button leads users to their online store, while a special section spotlights popular blog posts.

Jessica's blog is a treasure trove for fitness enthusiasts.

  • Pure Design: A white backdrop magnifies content, ensuring users stay focused.
  • Full Exposition: Instead of teasers, the blog displays full articles, encouraging prolonged engagement.
  • Engaging Sidebar: A dedicated section on the right showcases Jessica's bio, clickable social media icons, colorful CTAs for blog categories, and a lively Instagram feed.

25. Emma Gannon - Blog Example
Source: Emma gannon

Emma Gannon's personal blog is a lesson in refined aesthetics.

  • Charming Palette: The linen background paired with ample blank spaces accentuates the content.
  • Structured Presentation: A 2×2 column layout enhances scrolling experience, with each post featuring an image, date, title, and a “Read Me” button.
  • Interactive Elements: Small social media icons and a wattle-colored CTA add color and interactivity to the design.

Jaclyn Johnson's Create + Cultivate stands as a beacon for women-led online businesses.

  • Organized Display: A three-column layout showcases posts chronologically, ensuring readers always see the latest content first.
  • Visual Engagement: Quality images, clear category labels, and pronounced titles enhance navigation.
  • User-Centricity: An accessibility button lets users tweak the site appearance to their preferences.

Helping readers lead a frugal lifestyle, Money Saving Mom merges practicality with visual appeal.

  • Colorful Appeal: The blog employs an array of bright hues, creating an energized reading environment.
  • User-Centric View: Readers can toggle between classic and grid views, tailoring their browsing experience.
  • Engaging Sidebars: Hot deals capture reader interest, while a direct link to their bustling Facebook community encourages active participation.

Clever Girl Finance stands out as a prime personal finance blog, with its distinct design choices serving its user-centric strategy.

  • User Engagement: The platform emphasizes user involvement, prompting readers to sign in and enroll in complimentary personal finance courses.
  • Thoughtful Organization: The navigation bar boasts a dedicated articles menu, simplifying the exploration process across various categories.
  • Interactive Features: A static search and like button ensure constant accessibility, while the testimonials from ‘Clever Girls' enhance the blog's trustworthiness.

29. Recipes by Flourist - Blog Example
Source: Flourist

Recipes by Flourist encapsulates culinary wisdom, presented with elegance.

  • Efficient Search: An intuitive search feature expedites recipe discoveries.
  • Sleek Presentation: The two-column layout, coupled with expansive images, crisp titles, and concise descriptions, beckons readers to dive deeper.
  • Stylish Typography: The cafe noir font color amplifies the aesthetic appeal, making headers and blog titles pop.

30. Urban Beardsman - Blog Example
Source: Beard brand

An extension of Beardbrand, Urban Beardsman delves into the art of beard grooming with finesse.

  • Vibrant Imagery: The blog sports colorful visuals that augment reader engagement.
  • Organized Categorization: Distinct category bars with corresponding images streamline navigation. Selecting a category showcases popular posts, a unique deviation from the conventional latest-first arrangement.
  • Latest Insights: The blog dedicates a special section to the freshest content, bolstered by a handy search feature.

An epitome of gourmet blogging, Cookie + Kate serves a visual treat to food enthusiasts.

  • Bold Branding: The blog's name takes center stage with its pronounced typography and distinct tagline.
  • Artful Layout: Post presentations ooze elegance, with sumptuous photographs offering a tempting preview.
  • Interactive Sidebar: Featuring the blogger's bio, social connections, a newsletter invite, and popular posts, it ensures readers stay engaged.

For content creators, The Content Strategist offers invaluable insights, backed by an impeccable design.

  • Color Dynamics: The juxtaposition of white and blue patterns elevates content visibility.
  • Initial Impression: A high-resolution drawer image filled with pencils sets the stage for content-centric explorations.
  • Clear Definition: The blog sets expectations upfront by outlining the persona of a content strategist.

33. Kajabi - Blog Example
Source: Kajabi

With its pristine design, Kajabi serves as a beacon for budding digital marketers.

  • Color Synergy: The harmonious interplay of white, blue, and black exudes professionalism.
  • Varied Layout: A unique multi-grid structure is employed, with the latest post prominently showcased.
  • Efficient Navigation: A search function and exhaustive category list facilitate targeted information retrieval.

In the realm of fashion and lifestyle, Fairly Curated emerges as a stellar guide.

  • Warm Header: The soothing amber-colored header neatly compartmentalizes navigation menus, directing readers to specific post categories.
  • Structured Presentation: Blog posts are arrayed based on new arrivals, ensuring trend relevance.
  • User Engagement: Numerous widgets, including popular posts, newsletter subscriptions, and social icons, foster visitor interaction.

35. Blog Flowrite - Blog Example
Source: Flowrite

Flowrite artfully navigates the intricate world of tech, becoming an exemplar for SaaS startups.

  • Color Dynamics: The Mongolia and white color palette ensures content clarity.
  • Easy Navigation: Four dedicated categories enhance user navigation, with a three-column layout for articles fostering a neat appearance.
  • Engaging Teasers: Each article spotlights a stock image, title, and concise description, inviting in-depth exploration.

For aspiring online entrepreneurs, Smart Passive Income offers golden insights in a visually appealing package.

  • Color Strategy: The fusion of green, white, and black reflects growth and monetization prospects.
  • Organized Presentation: A 3×3 grid layout prevents clutter, ensuring a seamless reading experience.
  • Tailored Browsing: The ‘Learn' menu on the header categorizes content, simplifying topic-specific searches.

37. Polymail - Blog Example
Source: Polymail

Polymail stands tall as a repository of email marketing knowledge with its minimalist design.

  • Visual Simplicity: Generous white spaces accentuate the blog's content.
  • Content Display: Popular posts take the spotlight, while an all-encompassing “See All Posts” option provides a panoramic view in a structured three-column arrangement.
  • Community Building: An email subscription widget invites users to stay updated, complemented by social icons for broader connectivity.

38. LifeHack - Blog Example
Source: Lifehack

With its mission to foster personal growth, LifeHack delivers insights via a captivating design.

  • Striking Palette: A combination of white, dark footer, and green-blue header injects vibrancy.
  • Content Showcase: Posts are presented in a user-friendly three-column view, facilitating effortless browsing.
  • Diverse Categories: The header's menu guides readers to multitudinous content avenues, enhancing the discovery experience.

39. Copyhackers - Blog Example
Source: Copy hackers

For budding copywriters, Copyhackers unfurls a treasure trove of knowledge in a visually pleasing avatar.

  • Vibrant Ambiance: The mix of white and varying blue shades breathes life into the content.
  • Smart Search: A dynamic filtering mechanism assists visitors in pinpointing relevant content, enhancing the browsing experience.
  • Call-to-Action: The blog employs blue CTA buttons strategically, directing users to key sections and insights.

Blog Examples FAQs

What elements are crucial for a blog's homepage?

The homepage should have a clear header, a brief about section, featured posts, clear navigation (categories/tags), and a call-to-action (subscribe, read more, etc.).

How do I identify my blog's niche or focus?

Reflect on your passions, expertise, and the kind of content you consume. Conduct market research to identify gaps or underserved areas. A niche should resonate with you and have an audience.

What role does content quality play in the success of a blog?

Quality is paramount. Well-researched, original content that offers value will attract and retain readers. Prioritize depth, accuracy, and relevance in every post.

How do I ensure a user-friendly design for my blog?

Opt for a clean layout with ample white space, use legible fonts, ensure mobile optimization, and incorporate easily identifiable links and buttons. The design should prioritize both aesthetics and functionality.

How do I drive organic traffic to my blog?

Optimize your content for search engines (SEO), engage with readers on social platforms, collaborate with other bloggers, and consistently produce valuable content. Over time, these efforts compound to increase organic reach.

How can I effectively monetize my blog?

Depending on your niche and traffic, consider affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, ad placements, or selling digital products/courses. Always prioritize reader trust over short-term gains.

What platforms are considered the best for starting a blog?, Wix, and Squarespace are among the most popular. Your choice should reflect your technical expertise, customization needs, and monetization plans. is especially user-friendly for newcomers, Squarespace is perfectly suited for blogs with an eCommerce angle, while Wix excels for blogs with a strong design emphasis.