Small Business Websites: 28 Inspiring Examples (2023)

Updated Oct 6, 2023.

The journey of running a small business is riddled with challenges, not the least of which is establishing a digital presence. Considering that 20% of small businesses fold within their debut year, leveraging the digital platform becomes essential. This isn't just about surviving but about thriving in a hyper-competitive landscape.

Enter the world of e-commerce websites, a game-changer for small businesses. With platforms like Squarespace and Wix, it's never been simpler to design intuitive, mobile-friendly sites.

Dive deep with us as we explore 28 riveting small business website examples, highlighting their unique features and the lessons they offer.

This isn't merely a bike shop. It's a community nexus, a rallying point for bike enthusiasts. The site encapsulates this ethos, drawing users into the Four Star Family Cyclery world.

Highlight Features:

  • Diverse Call-to-Actions (CTAs): Apart from guiding purchases, CTAs are crafted to inform, engage, and even educate visitors about products, services, and biking culture.
  • Consistent Brand Imagery: The recurring golden stars motif is more than a visual element; it's a brand stamp, ensuring visitors associate quality and trustworthiness with the brand.
2. Izzy Wheels - Small Business Website Example
Source: Izzy wheels

Izzy Wheels’s website exudes vibrancy, making wheel design feel like a blend of art and utility. Its captivating layout ensures visitors are engaged right from their first click.

Rich Features:

  • Branding Through Endorsements: Recognizable accolades from fashion giants like Vogue and Elle are strategically displayed, instantly boosting the brand’s prestige and trustworthiness.
  • Color Palette Mastery: The careful selection of vivid hues, juxtaposed against high-resolution product images, creates an inviting and memorable visual experience.
4. Shhhowercap - Small Business Website Example
Source: Shhhowercap

Shhhowercap transforms a mundane item into a style statement. Its website is a testament to innovative marketing, redefining how we view everyday products.

Exquisite Features:

  • A Visual Product Journey: By using before, during, and after videos, the site demonstrates the product's value proposition in real-time, allowing users to visualize its utility and style.
  • Prioritizing User Interactions: Anchored chat and review icons signal a business ready to engage, answer queries, and value customer feedback, enhancing overall user trust.
1. Big Boi - Small Business Website Example
Source: Go bigboi
5. Allbirds - Small Business Website Example
Source: All birds

Allbirds, beyond being a footwear brand, advocates for sustainable fashion. Its site is both a shopping platform and an educative resource about eco-conscious choices.

Detailed Features:

  • UX-Centric Navigation: The website's design focuses on aiding users in their exploration. Directional cues, CTAs, and a clean menu hierarchy cater to both first-time visitors and returning customers.
  • Educative Engagement: Apart from showcasing products, the site offers rich content about the brand's sustainable initiatives, educating customers on the environmental impact of their purchases.
6. Tattly - Small Business Website Example
Source: Tattly

Tattly stands as a prime example of how a niche concept, like temporary tattoos, can be elevated into a full-blown digital art showcase. The website acts as a canvas, flaunting designs by real artists.

Detailed Features:

  • Tri-Column Layout: A three-column design effectively presents an array of tattoo art, with a vibrant flower design as the focal point, ensuring immediate visual engagement.
  • Engagement Incentive: The Deep Carmine Pink coin icon beckons visitors to sign up, offering tangible rewards, like free tart coins, for their engagement.
  • Artistic Consistency: Beyond the product, the very structure of the site echoes art, intertwining product and platform seamlessly.

The Farm at Dover promises enchanting events, and its website exudes this charm. Every element, from the slideshow of past events to the intricate map, speaks of elegance and meticulous planning.

Captivating Features:

  • Evocative Slideshows: High-resolution images from past events not only showcase the venue's potential but also stand as testimonials to its quality.
  • Hand-Drawn Magic: The map, more than being functional, adds a rustic charm, setting expectations of a whimsical event experience.
  • Visual Testimonials: Bottom-placed videos and images immerse visitors, enabling them to visualize their own events at this magical venue.

Supernatural Kitchen champions plant-based nutrition, and its website mirrors this ethos. The sun-drenched color scheme and product displays create an atmosphere of health and vibrancy.

Stellar Features:

  • Engaging Hero Image: Product images set against the Bright Sun backdrop make for an inviting entrance, immediately capturing visitor attention.
  • Easy Recipe Access: A prominent header menu link ensures visitors can effortlessly dive into the brand’s healthy recipes.
  • Striking Typography: The site's font color alternations between black and white maintain readability while enhancing aesthetic appeal.

Pren Valley Builders fuses design acumen with construction expertise. Their website, bathed in forest-themed visuals, stands as a testament to their commitment to harmonious constructions.

Remarkable Features:

  • Nature-Themed Design: Images and icons of trees consistently echo the brand's theme, from header to footer.
  • Interactive Quote Feature: Potential clients can easily seek personalized quotes, enhancing user engagement and potential conversion.
9. Legacy Homes - Small Business Website Example
Source: Legacyh

Legacy Homes crafts structures of luxury and elegance, and its website is a digital reflection of this ethos. From the video showcase to the meticulous gallery, each detail reinforces the brand's commitment to quality.

Salient Features:

  • Engaging Hero Video: Before a word is read, the video immerses visitors into the brand's world, highlighting their dedication to detail.
  • Effective CTAs: Amidst the grandeur, the “Contact Us” CTA stands out, guiding potential clients towards engagement.
  • Three-Column Display: The home gallery employs a tri-column layout, maximizing display space while ensuring each property gets its spotlight.
11. Galo Delgado - Small Business Website Example
Source: Galo delgado

Galo Delgado's website serves as a portfolio, a digital stage where every snapshot tells a story. The site's design magnifies his proficiency in the beauty and fashion photography realms.

Pronounced Features:

  • Prominent Branding: Bold white typography ensures Galo's name remains etched in visitors' memories.
  • Dynamic Image Display: The three-column slideshow layout ensures diverse works get simultaneous attention, showcasing Galo's versatile expertise.

Rise is carving a niche in the U.S. restaurant scene by offering enhanced breakfast and lunch experiences. This small business website example serves not just as a digital menu but a visual treat, catering to every gastronomic enthusiast.

Prime Features:

  • Color Storytelling: The combination of Beetle Green and Lichen paints a fresh, organic backdrop, symbolizing natural and nourishing meals.
  • Enticing Imagery: Top-tier images of dishes below the “Order Online CTA” button tantalize visitors, beckoning them to explore more.
  • Clear Menu Display: Bold fonts and distinct colors make for easy navigation, allowing users to swiftly browse breakfast and lunch options.
13. Native Union - Small Business Website Example
Source: Native union

Diving into the tech accessory world, Native Union offers a product range that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The website is a clear testament to the brand’s ethos.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Product Slideshow: An auto-changing slideshow spotlights a diverse range of products, nudging users to explore further.
  • Interactive User Experience: Chat and search functions ensure visitors get instant support and find products seamlessly.
  • Categorized Photography: Product sections are crisply organized, offering users a clutter-free browsing experience.
14. Lola Pate - Small Business Website Example
Source: Lolapate

Lola Payton’s brand, Lola Pate, beautifully blends family flooring business with artistic design. Every element on her site is thoughtfully integrated, representing her brand's core values.

Standout Features:

  • Mixed Media Showcase: A clever display of clothing and rugs in a unified frame captures the brand’s versatility.
  • Design Harmony: The blend of lines, images, typography, and shapes creates a cohesive visual journey, enhancing user engagement.
15. Velasca - Small Business Website Example
Source: Velasca

Velasca steps confidently in the fashion domain, merging elegant design with quality. The website, a stellar small business example, is a fusion of vibrant imagery and subtle animations.

Distinct Features:

  • Interactive Header: The dropdown menu engulfs users into brand offerings without overwhelming them.
  • Instant Support: The Zendesk-powered chat feature offers visitors instant brand communication, enriching user experience.
  • Adaptable Design: An accessibility feature adjusts the website’s layout based on user preferences, ensuring inclusivity.

From decor to greeting cards, La La Land offers a medley of products, enabling customers to find their style essence. The website's navigation, content display, and social media integrations make it a top-tier small business website example.

Signature Features:

  • Visual Carousel: The slideshow with clear CTAs encourages users to delve deeper into product offerings.
  • Social Media Integration: Icons on the left provide easy access to the brand's social platforms, enriching the user's connection with La La Land.

Championing inclusivity, Tomi's Makeup For Melanin Girls (MFMG) celebrates the beauty of dark-skinned women. The website design, adorned with high-quality visuals, is an invitation to a world of personalized beauty.

Highlight Features:

  • Engaging Visual Palette: High-res images and videos on a reddish-gray backdrop amplify the brand’s product allure.
  • Instant Chat: A ready chat feature offers visitors a tailored brand experience, emphasizing customer-first ethos.
  • Social and Payment Integration: The footer neatly integrates social media links and payment platform logos, streamlining user experience.
18. Kase Styles - Small Business Website Example
Source: Kase styles

Kase Styles, with its serene website aesthetics, offers a glimpse into the world of intentional floral and event designs. Serving as an epitome of small business website excellence, it effortlessly conveys the brand’s mission.

Notable Features:

  • Understated Elegance: A palette of subtle colors accentuates the brand’s commitment to tasteful, intricate designs.
  • Readability Reigns: Bold, clear typography ensures effortless information absorption.
  • Social Integration: Direct links to Instagram posts provide an authentic, real-time look into the brand's work, fostering trust.
19. Press London - Small Business Website Example
Source: Press-london

Press London’s dedication to promoting a long, healthy, and joyous life is evident in its green-hued website. Showcasing plant-based nutrition products, it embodies the essence of natural wellness.

Distinctive Features:

  • Eco-conscious Design: The green color scheme accentuates the brand’s environmental commitment.
  • Engaging CTAs: Set against Honeysuckle backgrounds, the CTAs command attention.
  • Social Proof: Testimonials and brand endorsements provide credibility, encouraging user trust and conversions.
20. Madsen - Small Business Website Example
Source: Madsen cycles

Madsen stands out in the realm of family-friendly bicycles, emphasizing both utility and fun. The website is a carnival of colors, instantly transporting visitors to joyous, outdoor family adventures.

Special Features:

  • Vibrant Visuals: A medley of River Bed, Jasper, Jungle Mist, and other hues captures the brand’s lively spirit.
  • Community Connect: The “Join the Madsen Map” feature fosters community-building among users, amplifying brand loyalty.

Saxon offers a plethora of footwear choices catering to diverse age groups and preferences. This small business website exemplifies effective product display combined with user-centric design.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Display: The hero image, with its slideshow format, showcases fresh arrivals, enticing visitors to explore further.
  • Customer Testimonials: A three-column layout with customer reviews offers credibility and boosts trust.
  • Info-rich Footer: Housing payment logos, social links, and an extensive menu, it ensures users have all information at their fingertips.

Knapsack underscores the finesse of Squarespace, promising bespoke website designs. The platform, through its visuals, assures visitors of world-class design experiences.

Prominent Features:

  • Design Showcase: High-quality images elucidate the brand’s commitment to design perfection.
  • Strategic Color Play: The thoughtful use of Pare Carmine for CTAs ensures user focus and increased engagement.

Emily's EST Creative serves as a canvas, illustrating her prowess in copywriting and content strategy. Through a blend of color and content, the website positions her services as indispensable.

Core Features:

  • Colorful Narrative: A fusion of Saffron Mango and Bean Red on a Cloud Burst backdrop narrates the brand’s vibrancy.
  • Compelling Content: Reasons to opt for her services are presented in a structured manner, nudging potential clients toward conversion.

Rachel Hartley Nutrition champions holistic eating, helping individuals relish food post extensive diet regimens. The website stands as a beacon of positive dietary practices.

Salient Features:

  • Engaging Visuals: Images of joyous food moments captivate visitors instantly.
  • Branding Boost: Association with notable publications amplifies brand credibility, assuring visitors of expert advice.

Offering 28 exquisite rooms, Arrowhead promises tranquility and luxury amidst nature's splendor. The website, an excellent small business website example, is a digital doorway to serene escapades.

Key Highlights:

  • Inviting Imagery: Large, high-resolution images immerse visitors into the brand’s offering instantly.
  • Clear Navigation: With its Water Blue header menu, site navigation is both intuitive and visually appealing.
26. Ception - Small Business Website Example

Ception's innovative tech platform, rooted in AI, pledges precision in location and mapping. Its website design, peppered with tech visuals, resonates with its avant-garde offerings.

Standout Features:

  • Tech-centric Visuals: Motherboard imagery underscores the brand's technological expertise.
  • Functional Footers: A comprehensive contact form, paired with the office address, facilitates easy user inquiries.

Puffin Packaging introduces an eco-responsible alternative to traditional packaging materials. The website’s design perfectly encapsulates the brand’s eco-friendly vision.

Prime Attributes:

  • Thematic Consistency: Box-like content displays echo the brand’s core offering, establishing thematic coherence.
  • Color Consistency: The use of Pale Cerulean, as a background, text, and lining color, creates visual harmony and aids brand recall.
28. Skipio - Small Business Website Example
Source: Skipio

Skipio, a personalized business text messaging platform, offers an innovative communication solution. The website, adorned with client logos and clear CTAs, stands as a testimony to the brand’s efficacy.

Highlight Features:

  • Client Spotlight: Showcasing top client logos immediately establishes brand credibility.
  • Multilingual Support: Offering chat support in multiple languages emphasizes the brand's global reach and inclusivity.

Small Business Website FAQs

Why is a website essential for small businesses?

A website acts as a digital storefront, allowing businesses to showcase their products/services, build credibility, and engage with potential customers, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

What are the core elements every small business website should include?

Essential elements include a homepage, about us section, product/service listings, contact details, customer testimonials, and a clear call-to-action (CTA).

How can a small business make its website stand out?

Utilize unique branding (logos, colors), high-quality visuals, engaging content, and ensure an intuitive user interface. Personal stories or behind-the-scenes glimpses can also add authenticity.

Should the website be mobile-responsive?

Absolutely. With a significant portion of users accessing websites via mobile devices, ensuring mobile responsiveness guarantees a seamless browsing experience, potentially leading to higher conversions.

How can small businesses optimize their website for local search?

Incorporate local keywords, claim a Google My Business listing, ensure consistent Name, Address, Phone (NAP) data across all platforms, and gather local customer reviews.

Is it essential to integrate social media?

Yes, integration allows for cross-promotion. By showcasing social media feeds or icons, businesses can grow their follower base and increase engagement across platforms.

Should small businesses include a blog or news section?

If feasible, yes. Regularly updated content can position a business as an industry expert, provide value to visitors, and improve search engine optimization (SEO).

What's the importance of CTAs on a small business website?

CTAs guide visitors towards desired actions—whether that's making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or contacting the business. Clear and compelling CTAs can significantly boost conversions.

How often should a small business update its website?

Regular updates are recommended. Whether it's adding new products/services, showcasing recent projects, or sharing industry news, an updated site demonstrates activity and relevance.

How can a small business ensure website security?

Use secure hosting, regularly update website software/plugins, implement SSL certificates, and regularly back up website data to safeguard against potential threats.

Should e-commerce functionalities be integrated for product-based businesses?

If selling products directly, integrating e-commerce functionalities like a shopping cart and secure payment gateway is crucial. This provides customers a convenient way to purchase, increasing potential sales.