Webflow Pricing Plans: How Much Does Webflow Cost in 2023?

Updated Oct 9, 2023.

Webflow offers a diverse range of pricing plans that cater to various needs, from individual bloggers to agencies. With ten distinct paid plans ranging from a basic $14 option to a comprehensive $212 eCommerce package, picking one may seem tough.

Webflow segments its premium plans into Site plans geared for individuals and Workspace plans for teams. They even have a bespoke enterprise plan for specialized needs.

In this guide, we'll break down the Webflow plans, spotlight their features, and compare them with competitor pricing, ensuring you find your perfect fit.

Webflow Pricing Explained – Overview

Webflow pricing is split into Site and Workspace plans, each with two subcategories. Webflow’s Site plans have three General paid plans and three eCommerce paid plans. Workspace plans have two plans for in-house teams and two paid plans for freelancers & agencies.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Webflow’s Site plan prices:

Webflow Site Pricing Plan – General

Webflow Site Pricing Plan – eCommerce

Webflow Workspace Pricing Plan – In-house Teams

Save $9/user annually
Save $11/user annually
1 userUp to 3 usersUp to 9 users
Guest access up to 2 usersGuest access up to 2 users

Webflow Workspace Pricing Plan – Freelancers & Agencies

Save $8/user annually
Save $7/user annually
1 userUp to 3 usersUp to 9 users
Guest access on client websitesAgency/freelancer guest access on client websites

  • Unleash creative freedom with extensive design customization; no coding knowledge is required​.
  • Access to a robust template library empowers you to find the perfect starting point for your project, saving time and effort.
  • Blazing fast speeds and high bandwidth ensure a smooth user experience for website visitors.
  • Extensive typography options allow for brand consistency and a professional look across your website.
  • Webflow University provides a learning platform that lets beginners grasp website design principles quickly.
  • Once a template is chosen, it can't be switched out for another, requiring careful evaluation before committing to a template.
  • Steep learning curve – requires some understanding of HTML and CSS for more complex designs​.
  • Limited customer support as reported by some users.
Webflow icon
Editor’s Take

Whether you want to start a blog or an eCommerce store, Webflow is the best website builder for the job. With a Webflow account, you can access many features for building websites on a whim. Plus, specialized apps like localization allow you to cater to a global audience. From cart customizations to code export, Webflow has everything an expert web developer could need. Overall, Webflow is an expert’s feature-equipped solution for website building.

Website builder for experts
Starts from $14 per month (billed annually)
Annual Saving
Up to 33% saving
Free trial

Webflow General Site Plans

Webflow offers one free and four premium plans under its General Site. If you simply want to display your products or services, consider the free plan, or select from the three premium options for added features:

FeaturesStarter (Free plan)BasicCMSBusiness
Pricing per month (monthly billing)FREE$18/month$29/month$49/month
Pricing per month (annual payment)FREE$14/month$23/month$39/month
Custom Domain
Remove Webflow Badge
Static Pages2150150150
Form Submissions50 (Lifetime)500/month1,000/month2,500/month
Monthly Unique Visits1,000250,000250,000300,000
Site Search
Search indexing frequencyAuto: 72 hoursManual: DailyAuto:12 hoursManual: Hourly
Form file upload
User accounts10020,00020,00020,000
Content editors310
CMS Items5002,00010,000

The General Site plans offer customer support to users via email and basic SEO features across all three of Webflow’s paid plans. The security features are basic for all categories, but users can add custom code to the website rather than just selecting from recurrent themes.

Note: Due to the custom nature of the Enterprise Site plan, we have not included it in this guide.

Let’s delve into the three Site plans to see what you get for your money.

Basic Plan

As the name suggests, this plan is the most basic of Webflow’s premium plans. It is perfect for static sites that don’t intend to get much traffic. Think portfolio websites and niche personal blogs.

Feature Snapshot

The Basic Site plan is an upgrade from the free starter plan as it allows the user to connect a custom domain and remove Webflow branding. This plan offers the following features:

  • 50GB bandwidth – faster loading than the free version
  • 150 static pages
  • No CMS items – a downgrade from the Starter plan in this aspect
  • 250K unique visits
  • 500 monthly form submissions

Basic Plan is Best for

  • Emerging Bloggers: Suitable for those who want to set up a blog consisting of multiple pages.
  • Freelancers: Perfect for individuals wanting to display their portfolio and attract potential clients.
  • Business Websites: Ideal for local small businesses wanting to establish an online presence via a business website.

Basic Plan is Not for

  • Inexperienced Bloggers: The absence of a CMS system is not ideal for bloggers who don’t know how to code their website from scratch.
  • Content-driven Websites: Not ideal for bloggers who want a content-rich site and post frequently.
Upgraded static pagesLimited scalability
Upgraded bandwidthBuilding complex websites requires HTML or CSS knowledge
No Webflow branding allows for a better user experienceLimited form submissions

Price$18 per month (monthly cycle)$14 per month (annual cycle)
Annual Saving$48 on the annual billing cycle
Icon 1

Webflow Basic: Use Case

Ella, a programming student, identifies demand among small business owners for web development. Facing stiff competition, she crafts single-page samples. Using the Webflow General Basic plan, she showcases her refined web development prowess.

CMS Plan

As the name suggests, this plan is an upgrade from the Basic plan because of the CMS functionality. It is perfect for site owners who want to post content frequently and don’t want to spend much time doing it.

Feature Snapshot

The CMS plan’s major upgrade is the CMS system. Additionally, users have access to the following CMS plan features:

  • 200GB bandwidth – best for blogs receiving generous traffic
  • 150 static pages
  • 10K CMS items – one blog counts as one CMS item
  • 300K unique visits
  • 1000 monthly form submissions
  • 3 content editors
  • Site search
  • Daily manual and 72 hours auto search indexing frequency – perfect for identifying and addressing SEO issues promptly

CMS Site Plan is Best for

  • Emerging Bloggers: Perfect for those who want to start and grow a blog without coding knowledge.
  • Blog Teams: Ideal for a small team of content editors working on a blogging website.
  • Small Businesses: A suitable choice for businesses wanting to gather visitor data via forms.

CMS Site Plan is Not for

  • Large Websites: Not the top pick for growing businesses because of limits on traffic and bandwidth.
  • eCommerce Businesses: Not ideal for eCommerce businesses that want to sell through their website.
CMS functionality addedLimited scalability
Manual and auto indexing addedNo form file uploads
Site search enabledLimited form submissions

Price$29 per month (monthly cycle)$23 per month (annual cycle)
Annual Saving$72 on the annual billing cycle
Icon 1

Webflow CMS: Use Case

John leads a travel blog team. Facing a major project, he plans to expand. He chose the CMS plan, initially for three writers to edit online. Now, it aids in collecting resumes and facilitating online assessments for potential hires.

Business Plan

For just $10 more, the Business Site plan offers advanced features compared to the CMS plan. It is the perfect upgrade for small businesses on the CMS plan or bloggers getting extensive traffic.

Feature Snapshot

The form file upload is a newly introduced feature for Business plan users. Explore more Business plan features below:

  • 400GB bandwidth – best for growing businesses receiving generous traffic
  • 150 static pages
  • 2K CMS items – one blog counts as one CMS item
  • 250K unique visits
  • 2,500 monthly form submissions
  • 10 content editors
  • Hourly manual and 12 hours auto search indexing frequency – perfect for identifying and addressing SEO issues promptly, improving your website's overall search visibility

Business Plan is Best for

  • Large Websites: Webflow’s Business paid site plan is great for growing businesses because of greater bandwidth, added form submission features, and CMS items.
  • Authority-driven Websites: Perfect for sites that aim to become go-to knowledge hubs and wish to be perceived as industry leaders.

Business Plan is Not for

  • eCommerce Businesses: Not ideal for entrepreneurs and brands aiming to set up an online store or e-commerce functionality, as this plan doesn't cater to selling features nor offers advanced security features.
Upgraded indexing capabilitiesDoes not offer eCommerce functionality
Form file uploadsBasic DDoS protection
Upgraded CMS databaseNo custom SSL certificates

Price$49 per month (monthly cycle)$39 per month (annual cycle)
Annual Saving$120 on the annual billing cycle
Icon 1

Webflow Business: Use Case

Natalie runs a New York-based concierge service. To market, she uses paid ads and has a CMS plan for her team to update content and book appointments.

As her business booms, she nears her Webflow storage and traffic limits halfway through the month. Upgrading to the business plan, she can accommodate more traffic and let customers share service-related pictures.

Webflow eCommerce Site Plans

Webflow has three plans for eCommerce businesses. Ranging from $42 to $235 (billed monthly), these plans build on the General plans with additional eCommerce features.

So, if your aim is to sell, you can choose one of the three premium plans from Webflow’s eCommerce offerings:

Pricing per month (monthly payment)$42/month$84/month$235/month
Pricing per month (annual payment)$29/month$74/month$212/month
eCommerce items5005,00015,000
CMS items2,00010,00010,000
Transaction fee2%0%0%
Unbranded emails
Staff accounts31015
All the tools ofCMS PlanBusiness PlanBusiness Plan

Each eCommerce Site plan by Webflow offers:

  • eCommerce features like custom checkout
  • Custom shopping cart
  • 20,000 paid user accounts
  • Email customization
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Facebook and Instagram integration
  • Unlimited sales volume

Webflow also supports payments through the following supported platforms:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Web payments

Standard Plan

The standard plan is ideal for budding eCommerce sites, offering unlimited sales volume to cater to a broad audience. However, it caps CMS items at 2,000.

Feature Snapshot

The standard plan builds on the CMS plan. With added eCommerce capabilities, the standard plan offers the following features for eCommerce businesses:

  • 200GB bandwidth
  • 150 static pages
  • 500 eCommerce items
  • 20,000 paid user accounts
  • 2K CMS items – one blog counts as one CMS item
  • 2% transaction fees
  • 3 staff accounts

Standard Plan is Best for

  • Small Businesses: This Webflow pricing plan is perfect for businesses with a small product portfolio.
  • Blogs with gated content: Ideal for bloggers that charge visitors for premium content.

Standard Plan is Not for

  • Solopreneurs: Not a budget-friendly choice for individuals and small businesses aiming to establish an online presence only.
Added eCommerce featuresEmails include Webflow branding
Social media and email integrationsLimited scalability
Automatic tax calculation on an unlimited sales volume
Custom rates for each region – perfect for an international audience

Price$42 per month (monthly cycle)$29 per month (annual cycle)
Annual Saving$156 on the annual billing cycle
Icon 1

Webflow Standard: Use Case

Natalie runs a New York-based concierge service. To market her services, she uses paid ads and has a CMS plan for her team to update content and book appointments.

As her business booms, she nears her Webflow storage and traffic limits halfway through the month. Upgrading to the business plan, she can accommodate more traffic and let customers share service-related pictures.

Plus Plan

The Plus plan is a significant upgrade from the Standard. It offers 10x more eCommerce products, 5x the CMS items, and no transaction fees. It's ideal for businesses expanding both their product range and sales.

Feature Snapshot

The Plus plan builds on the business plan. With added eCommerce capabilities, the Plus plan offers the following features for mid-sized eCommerce businesses:

  • 400GB bandwidth
  • 150 static pages
  • 5,000 eCommerce items
  • 20,000 paid user accounts
  • 10K CMS items – one blog counts as one CMS item
  • 0% transaction fees
  • 10 staff accounts

Plus Plan is Best for:

  • Mid-sized businesses: The Plus account plans suit businesses expanding their product portfolio and getting a high sales volume.
  • Content-rich Websites: Businesses that produce blogs, articles, or other CMS items regularly.
  • Profit-maximizing Entities: Businesses that are sales-heavy and can benefit from no transaction fees.

Plus Plan is Not for:

  • Small Businesses: Small startups or businesses with limited products or content.
  • Large Enterprises: eCommerce giants with more than 5,000 product listings.
Upgraded eCommerce and CMS itemsNot suitable for large businesses – over 10,000 products
0% transaction fees
Emails don’t feature Webflow branding

Price$84 per month (monthly cycle)$74 per month (annual cycle)
Annual Saving$120 on the annual billing cycle
Icon 1

Webflow Plus: Use Case

Geolete, a renowned beauty product company, offers a diverse range spanning skincare, haircare, makeup, and perfumes.

While they have loyal in-mall store patrons, their recent eCommerce venture has received an overwhelming response.

As Geolete's online clientele grows, their finance team suggests upgrading to the Plus plan, eliminating transaction fees.

Advanced Plan

The advanced plan offers the perfect solution for large eCommerce businesses. It offers an upgrade on all of the features offered on the Plus plan and allows 15 employee accounts/website.

Feature Snapshot

With upgraded eCommerce capabilities from the Plus plan, the Advanced eCommerce plan offers the following features for large eCommerce businesses:

  • 400GB bandwidth
  • 150 static pages
  • 15,000 eCommerce items
  • 20,000 paid user accounts
  • 10K CMS items – one blog counts as one CMS item
  • 0% transaction fees
  • 15 staff accounts

Advanced Plan is Best for:

  • Large eCommerce Retailers: Those with extensive product ranges, needing space for up to 15,000 items.
  • Subscription-based Services: Businesses with or plan to have up to 20,000 paid user accounts.
  • Businesses with High Traffic: The 400GB bandwidth caters to a significant amount of website traffic.

Advanced Plan is Not for:

  • Solopreneurs or Freelancers: Individuals or small teams who wouldn't fully utilize the 15 staff accounts.
  • Start-ups and New Entrepreneurs: Those still gauging their online traffic and sales, and might not need the expansive features.
Upgraded eCommerce itemsNot suitable for mid-sized businesses – under 10,000 products
0% transaction fees
Emails don’t have Webflow branding

Price$235 per month (monthly cycle)$212 per month (annual cycle)
Annual Saving$276 on the annual billing cycle
Icon 1

Webflow Advanced: Use Case

Netho is a company that sells grocery products in Sugar Land, Texas. It started small and the Webflow Standard eCommerce plan suited them well. But with an increasing eCommerce customer base and plans to expand the product categories, the advanced eCommerce plan is more suitable for Netho.

Webflow Workspace Plans for In-house Teams

Webflow has two Workspace plans for businesses that want to host multiple websites and allow multi-user access for their in-house teams. The per-user pricing structure aims to cater to small and large businesses alike.

On the other hand, an enterprise Workspace plan aims to cater to businesses with unique needs or needs that exceed those offered in structured paid plans.

Workspace plans cater to free and paid Site plan subscribers seeking to expand their unhosted sites or require Team plan features for enhanced collaboration and access management.

Feature Snapshot

Let’s take a dive into the features of the in-house workspace plans by Webflow:

Pricing per month (monthly payment)$0$28/user/month$60/user/month
Pricing per month (annual payment)$0$19/user/month$49/user/month
Webflo.io unhosted sites210Unlimited
Pages per site2150150
CMS items505050
Paid hosted sitesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Agency/freelancer guests222
Free commenters21010

Workspace In-house Plans are Best for

  • Digital Marketing Agencies: Especially those that manage multiple clients' websites. The ability to host unlimited paid sites is a big advantage.
  • Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs): With the ability to scale users and a favorable per-user pricing structure, Webflow Workspace can cater to small and larger teams.

Workspace In-house Plans are Not for

  • Individual Freelancers: For those who don’t need multi-user access or have just one website, the Workspace plan might offer more than they need.
  • Businesses with High Content Needs: While the number of pages per site is generous, the limit of 50 CMS items could be restrictive for businesses with content-heavy websites.
Best for organizations with a small team of more than 1 website designer.Core Workspace Plan does not allow more than 3 users on the websites.
Per-user billing allows organizations to pay as per needThe Growth plan does not allow more than 10 users on the websites.

Core PlanGrowth Plan
Price$28/user per month (monthly cycle)$19/user per month (annual cycle)$60/user per month (monthly cycle)$49/user per month (annual cycle)
Annual Saving$108/user on the annual billing cycle$132/user on the annual billing cycle
Icon 1

Webflow Core and Growth: Use Case

Flarein is a grocery store with humble beginnings. Today, it is launching its own brand. With the grocery and brand sites working side by side and a growing developer team, Flarein needs to purchase the Workspace package on top of the eCommerce Advanced plan to cater to its growing needs.

Webflow Workspace Plans for Freelancers & Agencies

Why Webflow for website Development
Source: Medium

The second category of Workspace plans by Webflow caters to freelancers and agencies. This plan offers them the opportunity to get guest access to client workspaces.

Users on this plan can edit content, billing permissions, and add custom coding to websites. Agency plan users have additional publishing permissions.

Feature Snapshot

Let’s take a look at the feature snapshot of Webflow’s workspace plans for freelancers and agencies:

Pricing per month (monthly payment)$0$24/user/month$42/user/month
Pricing per month (annual payment)$0$16/user/month$35/user/month
Users1Up to 3Up to 9
CMS AccessFull CMS access on webflo.io unhosted sitesFull CMS access on all sites
Free commenters21010
Access on client workspacesGuestAgency/freelancer guest access

Workspace Freelancer & Agency Plans are Best for

  • Freelancers: Given the tailored plans and pricing, it's an ideal choice for freelance professionals looking to work on multiple projects or those starting out.
  • Web Development Agencies: Especially those with small teams of up to 9 members. The Agency plan grants full CMS access on all sites and advanced permissions.
  • Collaborative Projects: The plans offer options for multiple users, facilitating team collaborations.

Workspace Freelancer & Agency Plans are Not for

  • Large Agencies or Teams: Given the user limit (max 9 for the Agency plan), larger teams would find this restrictive.
  • Businesses without Client Interactions: The emphasis on client workspace access means those without client interactions won't leverage the plan's full potential.
Offers site password protection – best for freelancers and agencies with multiple team members and a growing client base.The Agency plan does not allow more than 9 users on the websites.

Freelancer PlanAgency Plan
Price$24/user per month (monthly cycle)$16/user per month (annual cycle)$42/user per month (monthly cycle)$35/user per month (annual cycle)
Annual Saving$96/user on the annual billing cycle$84/user on the annual billing cycle
Icon 1

Webflow Agency: Use Case

Kiara and her team offers SEO services to multiple small-scale clothing brands. These brands have invested in standard and plus plans according to their needs.

But Kiara and her team need to get guest access to their websites rather than editor access to publish new blogs, edit web pages, and change the web layout which eCommerce plans don’t allow.

They invest in the freelancer plan to add their clients’ websites to their workspaces and get the required access.

Webflow Pricing vs. Competitors

Market Share of Content Management Systems
Source: Fluent Forms

Over the years, Webflow has changed its pricing plans multiple times. The new pricing model, which starts at $18/month seems an expensive option. But does this feature-rich plan compare to its competitor’s plans?

Let’s find out:

  • Webflow vs. Squarespace: At $14/month (paid annually), Webflow’s Basic plan offers similar value to Squarespace’s $16/month plan with CMS capabilities and a year of a free custom domain on yearly billing.
  • Webflow vs. Weebly: Weebly's cheaper $10/month plan has all the basic eCommerce features while Webflow offers eCommerce add-ons at $29/month.
  • Webflow vs. GoDaddy: GoDaddy's $9.99/month Basic plan focuses on social media and email, while Webflow’s $14/month basic plan offers blazing-fast speeds and a more comprehensive website-building experience with its app market.
  • Webflow vs. Hostinger: Hostinger's one-and-only premium plan at $2.99/month ($6.99 when renewed) undercuts Webflow’s basic plan with features like 100 websites per account, eCommerce functionality and free email.
  • Webflow vs. Shopify: Shopify's Basic Plan at $25/month excels in eCommerce tools for small retailers, while Webflow is more cost-effective for designing custom checkouts and carts alongside multi-platform payment support.
  • Webflow vs. BigCommerce: At $39/month, BigCommerce's Standard plan caters to e-commerce with no transaction fees and offers unlimited employee accounts only limited by a yearly sales volume. However, Webflow is a cheaper option at $29/month (paid annually) and perfect for businesses that are starting off and don’t know what their sales volume will be.
  • Webflow vs. Wix: Webflow’s $29/month eCommerce Standard plan caters to design-centric users with CMS capabilities, while Wix's extensive app market at cheaper pricing provides a vast array of functionalities, catering to a broader user base.
  • Webflow vs. IONOS: IONOS’ budget-friendly $1/month Plus plan offers great features for personal website owners. However, Webflow's app integrations and advanced eCommerce features outweigh all of IONOS’ plans.
  • Webflow vs. SITE123: At $5.80/month, SITE123 offers a simple store option and a free custom domain for a year. Compared to this, Webflow’s $29 standard eCommerce plan offers many features including custom shopping carts, email customization, multiple payment options, and social media integration.

Webflow Pricing – Final Words

Webflow has 10 feature-rich plans that cater to the needs of a diverse audience. Its free staging plan allows users to stage their site and upgrade when they want to publish.

For blog sites, it's wise to begin with the CMS plan and then upgrade to the eCommerce standard plan for earning through gated content.

For eCommerce businesses, the standard plan is the best choice, although it restricts the CMS items and the number of products. If you want to expand your CMS items and number of products or send unbranded emails, you can use the Plus or Advanced plan.

Lastly, if you’re a large business with multiple developers on your team or a freelancer agency, consider Webflow’s paid workspace plans to manage everything effectively.

Webflow Pricing FAQs

Can I create a Webflow website for free?

Webflow offers starter or free plans with its General Site and Workspace plans. However, you will only get basic features, 2 site pages, and a webflow.io domain. 

Is the domain free with Webflow’s premium plans?

None of Webflow’s premium plans offer a free domain. They only offer custom domain connection which means you need to invest in a hosting plan from Webflow and purchase a domain separately. 

When should I invest in a workspace plan?

Workspace plans are for free or paid site owners who want to increase the number of unhosted sites or collaborate with a team with advanced rights given to each user.

Can I sell on my Webflow Business plan?

Unfortunately, you cannot sell on your Webflow business plan. Although it is termed “business”, it doesn't allow selling. So, you can only use it to establish an online presence.

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