Wix Pricing Plans 2023: Which One Is the Best?

Updated Oct 10, 2023.

Navigating Wix pricing plans can be a journey. With options designed for every kind of website owner, the myriad of features and possibilities might seem overwhelming, especially with your budget and aspirations balancing on the decision.

Spanning a range from a pocket-friendly $4.50 to a more feature-rich $35 per month (when billed annually), Wix’s premium plans neatly slot into two main categories: Website plans for those focusing on content and Business & eCommerce plans tailored for online sales.

Are you simply looking to showcase your brand or content? The website plans are your allies. However, if the e-commerce world beckons you, diving into one of the business-specific plans would be wise.

Join us as we dissect each pricing tier, spotlight their features, and answer the most burning questions to steer you toward the optimal choice for your digital venture.

Wix Pricing Overview – How Much Does Wix Cost?

Wix pricing plans are divided into Website, Business & eCommerce, and Enterprise. The website and business & eCommerce plans are feature-rich, offered at specific prices, which can be billed monthly, annually, or biannually.

Let’s take a look at the pricing table for both these categories:

Wix Pricing Plan for Website

Wix Pricing Plan for Business and eCommerce

Our Take: Wix Offers Great Value For Money

  • Offers plans tailored for everyone, from bloggers to big enterprises.
  • Generous storage and bandwidth ensure fast site loading speed and a smooth site experience.
  • Built-in lead forms enhance customer interactions and foster efficient lead management.
  • Comprehensive SEO tools for increased site visibility on search engines.
  • Wix branding in the Connect Domain plan is a bummer since it compromises professionalism.
  • The low-tier premium Business & eCommerce plans are restrictive for bootstrapped solopreneurs.
Wix icon
Editor’s Take

Whether you want to build a website for portfolio display, a blog, or start an eCommerce store, Wix is the best website builder for the job. Its specialized widgets save you loads of time and money.  From ready-to-use templates to various powerful solopreneur and business-use apps, Wix has everything that a website could need. Overall, Wix is your all-in-one solution for website building while saving you time and money.

Overall website builder
Starts from $7 per month (billed annually)
Annual Saving
Up to 35% saving
Free domain

Monthly vs. Annual vs. Biannual Payment Plan

The pricing tables above show that paying annually or biannually offers savings compared to monthly payments. Committing to a long-term plan might seem daunting, but consider the following:

  • Free Trial: Although Wix doesn’t advertise this as such, technically, you get a 14-day trial run with Wix. Should you choose an annual premium plan, Wix provides a money-back guarantee. So, if you're unsatisfied within the first two weeks post-purchase, you can get a refund, no questions asked.
  • Free Custom Domain: With an annual or biannual plan (except for the Connect domain plan), Wix offers a free custom domain for a year. Once you own a domain name, you'll likely want to maintain your site for at least a year.
  • Flexibility with Plans: Scaling up? Wix allows you to upgrade your plan effortlessly. Need to pull back? Downgrading is an option too.

For those hesitant about committing financially immediately, you can explore Wix’s website-building interface and templates at no cost. We'll delve deeper into Wix's free plan in the next section, highlighting its advantages and limitations.

Free Wix Plan

Wix presents an enticing free plan for budding website owners, featuring 500MB of bandwidth and storage space each. What makes this plan appealing?

  • Zero Costs, All Fun: Craft, refine, and launch your website without spending anything.
  • Vast Template Choices: Dive into hundreds of diverse templates to suit your vision.
  • No Rush: Build your site leisurely, with no time constraints.

All you need to do is register a Wix account using your email – no payment info is required.

If you're a hobbyist, student, or just testing the waters, this plan offers an excellent playground to hone your web-building skills.

However, for professionals, solopreneurs, or businesses, the free plan has its caveats:

  • Wix Ads: Expect your site to showcase Wix's promotional content.
  • Storage Constraints: Expansion is limited by the available storage.
  • Domain Branding: Your website’s domain will feature Wix branding, which may not exude professionalism. For example, if your website’s name is Forever Green, with the Wix free plan, it’ll be branded forevergreen.wixsite.com.
  • Limited Functionality: Certain elements, like lead capture forms, aren't available.
  • No eCommerce: Starting an online store? You'll need to look at the dedicated business and eCommerce plans.

In summary, while the free plan provides a safe sandbox, those serious about their digital presence should consider Wix's premium offerings. Get comfortable designing on the free plan and seamlessly transition to a paid tier when ready to hit the big leagues.

Wix’s Website Plans: Which is the Best?

Wix has two categories of premium plans, one for website building and the other for businesses. The major difference between the two is that website plans do not accept payments or have customer accounts.

Suppose you’re looking to pay for a Wix plan for a site that doesn’t sell. In that case, you can choose one of four premium plans:

FeaturesConnect DomainComboUnlimitedVIP
Wix pricing per month (monthly payment)$7 per month$12 per month$16 per month$30 per month
Wix pricing per month (annual payment)$4.50 per month$8.50 per month$12.50 per month$24.50/ month
Wix Branding Removal
Custom Domain
Free Domain (for 1 year on annual plans)
Storage space500MB3GB10GB35GB
Video storage hours30 minutes1 hour5 hours
Lead-capture forms441075
No. of Fields/form10102075
Site Booster and Visitor Analytics Apps (Free for 1 year)
Logo Design
Customer support24/724/724/7Priority

Now, let’s look at each of the Wix website plans to see what you get for your money.

Connect Domain Plan

The Connect Domain plan is the most basic of Wix premium plans and is perfect for portfolios, resumes, or blog websites.

It is an upgrade on the free plan because it allows the user to input a custom domain for the website. Persistent with Wix branding on site pages, the Connect Domain plan offers the following features:

  • Custom domain for the website, increasing its recognition and professionalism.
  • 1GB bandwidth – faster loading than the free version.
  • 500MB of storage space.
  • Option to add 4 lead capture forms on the website with 10 fields per form – perfect for setting appointments, adding quizzes that engage visitors, and getting registrations.

As the name suggests, Wix’s Connect Domain premium plan needs you to connect an existing domain you have purchased or buy a domain.

All other Wix premium plans have a free custom domain voucher for 1 year. If you have an existing domain, this plan is perfect for a personal website that looks professional.

Connect Domain Plan is Best for:

  • Emerging Bloggers: Perfect for those taking their first steps towards starting a blog.
  • Portfolio Websites: Ideal for freelancers and artists wanting to display their work and attract potential clients.
  • Digital Presence: A suitable choice for individuals and small businesses aiming to mark their initial online footprint on a budget.

Connect Domain Plan is Not for:

  • Pro-focused Bloggers: Not the top pick for those aiming to exude a polished, professional aura with their blogs.
  • Authority-driven Websites: Not ideal for sites that aim to become go-to knowledge hubs and wish to be perceived as industry leaders.
Custom domain for added professionalism. Does not remove Wix ads from the pages
Upgraded bandwidthLimited scalability
Does not include user analytics making it hard to track website performance.

Price$7 per month (monthly cycle)
$4.50 per month (annual cycle)
$4 per month (biannual cycle)
Annual Saving$30 on the annual billing cycle
$72 on the biannual billing cycle
Icon 1

Connect Domain Plan: Use Case

Ella is a budding graphic designer with a few projects on her portfolio. She chooses a website like Behance for her portfolio, but competition is tough and doesn’t allow her discoverability on search engines.

She gets a Connect Domain plan on Wix and creates separate pages for different clients’ projects, case studies, and her incredible artwork. The website sets her apart because the custom domain makes her portfolio look professional and gets her organic reach through search engines.

Combo Plan

The Combo plan, a notch above the Connect Domain plan, is tailored for individuals and businesses eyeing a professional online appearance. Ideal for personal projects or fledgling businesses, it's your ticket to a distinctive brand footprint online.

Benefits of this plan include:

  • A custom domain for a year – enhances your site's search engine visibility.
  • Wix branding removal for a polished look.
  • A generous 3GB storage and 2GB bandwidth – ensure smooth site operations.

However, note its limitations:

  • Lacks the site booster and visitor analytics app, so in-depth website analytics won't be accessible.

Feature snapshot:

  • Domain: 1-year free custom domain, solidifying your brand's identity.
  • Bandwidth: 2GB – an upgrade from the free plan, leading to faster load times.
  • Storage: 3GB.
  • Video: 30 minutes, perfect for brief promotional content.
  • Lead Capture: Up to 4 forms with 10 fields each, facilitating appointment bookings, quizzes, and event registrations.

Combo Plan is Best for:

  • Professionals seeking a polished online presence without Wix advertisements.
  • Small businesses aiming to elevate their brand image and reach a broader audience.
  • Individuals or entities prioritizing domain customization and a more storage-rich platform.

Combo Plan is Not for:

  • Active bloggers who see substantial monthly traffic and are keen on frequently updating their site with rich content, especially videos exceeding the 30-minute mark.
  • Enterprises looking for an e-commerce setup or direct sales functionalities within their website.
  • Brands aspiring for extensive website features beyond the scope of the Combo plan's offerings.
Pros Cons
Custom free domain for a yearLimited scalability
Upgraded bandwidthDoes not include the Site Booster app, making it harder to get indexed on initial search results
Upgraded storage spaceDoes not include the Visitor analytics app making it hard to track website performance
No Wix Ads allow for a better user experience

Price$12 per month (monthly cycle)
$8.50 per month (annual cycle)
$8 per month (biannual cycle)
Annual Saving$42 on annual billing cycle
$96 on biannual billing cycle
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Combo Plan: Use Case

Natalie has a pet grooming shop in Sugarland, Houston. She wants her business to appear on Google to attract more local customers. Her main goal for her website is to let people book appointments through Facebook Messenger.

She uses forms on her website to collect email addresses from interested customers. To improve her site, she adds extra features like a chat bubble for Facebook Messenger. She opts for the Combo Plan to lend her site a professional finish, shedding the default Wix branding.

Unlimited Plan

Ideal for small business owners and freelancers, the Unlimited Plan builds on the foundation of the Combo Plan, offering even more features tailored to business growth.

With the inclusion of the Site Booster and Visitor Analytics apps, you're armed with tools to make better, data-informed decisions.

Upgrading to unlimited bandwidth ensures smooth site performance, even as traffic scales. Plus, the bump from 3GB to 10GB in storage space allows for richer content.

Breaking down the Unlimited Plan features:

  • A 1-year free custom domain – giving your site a professional touch.
  • Unlimited bandwidth – ensures consistent, fast loading even as traffic grows.
  • 10GB of storage – ample space for all your media and content.
  • 60 minutes of video.
  • Capacity to add up to 10 lead capture forms with 20 fields each – diversify how you gather customer information.
  • Complimentary access to Site Booster and Visitor Analytics for a year, elevating your website's growth and strategic approach.

Wix Unlimited Plan is Best for:

  • Established businesses keen on solidifying their digital footprint with enhanced tools, ensuring consistent online performance as they scale.
  • Bloggers are experiencing a surge in readership and looking for robust tools to accommodate this growth without compromising site speed or quality.

Wix Unlimited Plan is Not for:

  • Entrepreneurs and brands aiming to set up an online store or e-commerce functionality, as this plan doesn't cater to selling features.
Upgraded video minutes Does not include eCommerce tools
Unlimited bandwidth No eCommerce functionality
Includes the Visitor analytics app making it easy to track website performance.Does not include logo designing or custom analytics reports.

Price$16 per month (monthly cycle)
$12.50 per month (annual cycle)
$11.50 per month (biannual cycle)
Annual Saving$42 on annual billing cycle
$108 on biannual billing cycle
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Unlimited Plan: Use Case

Ella has a business that offers concierge services in her hometown. While the business is small, she gets a lot of visitors on her website. While the combo plan allows her to get bookings, the limited number of fields means she has to connect with the client to get more information personally.

She upgrades to the Unlimited plan which unlocks more fields per form. Plus, she can now assess her visitor’s customer journey and redesign her site for a better visitor experience.

VIP Plan

If you’re a growing entrepreneur or freelancer, even a few hours of website downtime could cost you business. With a VIP plan, you have all the features on the Unlimited plan, but upgraded! This includes customer support too.

You also get a professional logo for your website with full commercial rights that you can use on your website and social media channels.

Wix VIP Plan’s features include:

  • Custom Domain: A 1-year free domain, strengthening your brand's identity.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Ensuring quick loading times, even as web traffic grows.
  • Enhanced Storage: A substantial 35GB of storage space, catering to your ever-expanding content needs.
  • Extended Video Duration: 5 hours for hosting videos, perfect for in-depth content or tutorials.
  • Comprehensive Lead Capture: The capability to integrate up to 75 lead capture forms, each with as many as 75 fields. Ideal for everything from simple sign-up forms to detailed customer surveys.
  • Optimized Growth Tools: Complimentary 1-year access to both Site Booster and Visitor Analytics apps, fine-tuning your website's growth trajectory and informing your strategies.

VIP Plan is Best for:

  • Established businesses or high-traffic blogs that prioritize brand visibility, robust content hosting, and advanced analytics but don't primarily focus on e-commerce activities.

VIP Plan is Not for:

  • Businesses with a core focus on e-commerce, aiming to sell products or services directly through their platform.
Pros Cons
Upgraded video minutes Does not include eCommerce tools
Unlimited bandwidth Cannot sell on the website.
Includes the Visitor analytics app making it easy to track website performance

Price$30 per month (monthly cycle)
$24.50 per month (annual cycle)
$23 per month (biannual cycle)
Annual Saving$66 on annual billing cycle
$168 on biannual billing cycle
Icon 1

Wix VIP Plan: Use Case

Francesca runs a blog with food recipes. Her blog is getting very popular and she has been earning through sponsored recipes. She finds that images greatly increase her blog’s reach and engagement. Plus, her sponsors also request her to add recipe videos with the product visible. She upgrades to the VIP Wix premium plan to post more video hours and get more storage space.

Wix Business & eCommerce Plans: Which is the Best?

A Wix Business and eCommerce plan is required for businesses and individuals who wish to start an eCommerce website or want to get access to powerful eCommerce apps like Wix Bookings. These plans have all the tools websites need to display products, manage orders, and integrate different sales channels.

If you’re looking to pay for a Wix plan for a business website, you can choose one of the three premium plans:

FeaturesBusiness BasicBusiness UnlimitedBusiness VIP
Wix pricing per month (monthly payment)$21/mo$30/mo$40/mo
Wix pricing per month (annual payment)$17/mo$25/mo$35/mo
Storage space20GB35GB50GB
Video hours5 hours10 hoursUnlimited
Lead Capture Forms2575150
Fields per form5075100
Customized Reports
Multiple currencies
Sell on marketplaces
Loyalty Program by smile.io

Features Common Across All Business & eCommerce Plans

The table above summarizes the different features of each business plan. However, the business plans are a step up from the website plans and have the following common features:

  • No Wix ads
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Recurring payments
  • Customer accounts
  • Free domain for a year
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Selling on social channels
  • Access to powerful premium apps on the Wix App Market

The business plans have a product limit of up to 50,000 products and do not have unlimited storage.

If you have a small business, read on for an in-depth review of the premium features of the Wix Business plans to make an informed decision.

Business Basic Plan

The Business Basic Plan is a revamped version of Wix’s Core Plan which used to have basic marketing tools for small businesses.

This Wix plan is perfect for you to transition from a website that attracts readers to one that accepts payments from subscribers. With a monthly cost of just $17, you get:

  • 20GB storage space
  • 25 lead capture forms
  • 5 hours of video
  • Access to powerful eCommerce tools

Wix Business Basic Plan is Best for:

  • New and emerging online stores wanting a straightforward platform to initiate online transactions and streamline their e-commerce setup.

Wix Business Basic Plan is Not for:

  • Expanding businesses looking to integrate or sell their products on multiple external marketplaces or platforms.
Includes eCommerce tools for selling Does not accept multiple currencies in payment
Unlimited bandwidth Does not include reviews and loyalty program
Enables the addition of powerful apps from the Wix storeCannot add on multiple marketplaces

Price$21 per month (monthly cycle)
$17 per month (annual cycle)
$15.50 per month (biannual cycle)
Annual Saving$48 on annual billing cycle
$132 on biannual billing cycle
Icon 1

Business Basic Plan: Use Case

Samanta started out with a 3D animation portfolio with a Connect Domain plan, but she’s recently gotten a lot of potential customers who want to purchase these assets. Samantha decided to upgrade to the Business Basic plan to unlock payment methods. Since Samantha has a few customers, the basic tools are enough to get the ball rolling.

Business Unlimited Plan

The business unlimited plan is the most popular choice amongst business owners because it unlocks many possibilities for growth.

Websites on this plan can accept payments in multiple currencies, making it perfect for service-based businesses with an international audience. The plan’s features include:

  • 35GB storage space
  • 75 lead capture forms with 75 fields per form
  • 10 hours of video
  • Option of subscriptions
  • Option to sell on other marketplaces
  • Access to powerful eCommerce tools
  • Automated sales tax calculation on 100 transactions.

Wix Business Unlimited Plan is Best for:

  • Businesses targeting global customers, offering multi-currency support, and enhanced tools to cater to diverse audiences.

Wix Business Unlimited Plan is Not for:

  • Businesses experiencing high volume sales, surpassing 100 transactions per month, needing more robust e-commerce functionalities.
Includes subscriber option for gating valuable content Does not include a loyalty program
Accepts multiple currencies in paymentAutomated sales tax calculation of only 100 transactions
Includes up to 1,000 reviews
Option to sell on other marketplaces

Price$30 per month (monthly cycle)
$25 per month (annual cycle)
$22 per month (biannual cycle)
Annual Saving$60 on annual billing cycle
$192 on biannual billing cycle
Icon 1

Wix Business Unlimited Plan: Use Case

Ben has a tech blog that has gained a lot of popularity. He wants to set up a website to post exclusive content for his subscribers. The basic plan does not allow him to set up a subscription, so he opts for the Business Unlimited plan to start off.

Business VIP Plan

Amongst its defined plans, the Business VIP plan is the costliest but includes 50GB of storage space, unlimited video hours, and priority customer care.

At $40 per month, the plan also includes unlimited dropshipping, 3,000 product reviews, and highly valuable customized analytics reports.

The feature that makes the VIP Business Program best for large businesses is a loyalty program that is a powerful tool for retention marketing.

The price point of this plan does not make it feasible for small businesses. It is best for businesses that have a high number of transactions and need quick customer service. On the VIP Business Plan, businesses will also get the following:

  • 50GB storage space
  • 150 lead capture forms with 100 fields per form
  • Unlimited video hours
  • Option of loyalty program
  • 3,000 customer reviews
  • Access to powerful eCommerce tools
  • Customized analytics reports.
  • Automated sales tax calculation on 500 transactions per month.

Business VIP is Best for:

  • Thriving businesses targeting a dedicated international customer base, seeking priority support, and exclusive features to enhance user experience.

Business VIP is Not for:

  • Large-scale enterprises with transactions exceeding 500 per month and requiring advanced e-commerce capabilities.
Includes a loyalty program for retaining customersAutomated sales tax calculation of only 500 transactions
Accepts multiple currencies in payment50GB limited storage space
Includes up to 3,000 reviews
Customized analytics reports

Price$40 per month (monthly cycle)
$35 per month (annual cycle)
$30 per month (biannual cycle)
Annual Saving$60 on annual billing cycle
$240 on biannual billing cycle
Icon 1

Business VIP: Use Case

A gift delivery business operating in New York gets delivery requests from within the USA. The Business Basic Plan works for the business, but then they start getting gift delivery requests from international clients. The customers could be repeat purchasers if they get good service and discounts through a loyalty program. The business upgrades to the Wix Business VIP Plan to accept multiple currencies and launch a loyalty program to retain the customer base.

Which Wix Plan is the Best Value for Money for Freelancers?

Wix website plans are suited for freelancers who want to get noticed. While the Connect Domain plan offers great value for money, the Wix branding doesn’t look professional.

The Unlimited plan is best for freelancers who want to showcase their portfolio professionally to capture leads.

  • The 10GB of storage space and 60 minutes of video is sufficient for freelancers.
  • The free 1-year Site booster and Visitor analytics app allows them to learn which works grab the most attention and design the site accordingly.

Which Wix Plan is the Best Value for Money for Small Businesses?

Small businesses have many opportunities when they opt for the Business Unlimited plan. You can build up to 1,000 customer reviews to foster trust with new visitors. It also includes automated sales tax calculation for 100 transactions monthly, saving on employee costs.

  • The Business Unlimited Plan is perfect for businesses catering to an international audience.
  • It is great for blogs or businesses to earn from subscriber-only content.

Wix Pricing vs. Competitors

Top Website Builders Technologies
Source: Colorlib

Over the years, Wix has changed its pricing plans multiple times. The new pricing model, which includes four Website and three Business plans, starts at $4.50 per month. But is it in line with the industry-wide prices, or is Wix an expensive option in 2023?

Let’s find out:

  • Wix vs. Squarespace: At $16/month, Wix's Unlimited plan offers better value unless digital product sales are vital, compared to Squarespace's $23/month plan.
  • Wix vs. Weebly: Despite Weebly's cheaper $13/month plan, Wix, at $21/month, offers superior third-party add-ons and apps that outweigh the additional cost.
  • Wix vs. GoDaddy: GoDaddy's $9.99/month Basic plan focuses on social media and email, while Wix provides a more comprehensive website-building experience with its app market.
  • Wix vs. Hostinger: Hostinger's one-and-only premium plan at $2.99/month ($6.99 when renewed) undercuts Wix with features like eCommerce functionality and free email.
  • Wix vs. WordPress: At $5/month, the WordPress Personal plan offers a custom domain and ad-free experience, but Wix's similar pricing provides a broader design tool range.
  • Wix vs. Shopify: Shopify's Basic Plan at $25/month excels in eCommerce tools for small retailers, while Wix is more cost-effective for brand presentation alongside eCommerce.
  • Wix vs. BigCommerce: At $39/month, BigCommerce's Standard plan caters to e-commerce with no transaction fees. However, Wix offers a more intuitive design interface that might favor individuals or businesses prioritizing a unique brand presentation alongside their online store​ on a budget.
  • Wix vs. Webflow: Webflow’s $29/month eCommerce Standard plan caters to design-centric users with CMS capabilities, while Wix's extensive app market at cheaper pricing provides a vast array of functionalities, catering to a broader user base.
  • Wix vs. IONOS: Wix's extensive design features and app integrations outweigh IONOS's $1/month Plus plan, though IONOS could suffice for minimalistic, budget-friendly needs.
  • Wix vs. SITE123: Wix offers more design features and robust eCommerce functionality starting at $17/month, compared to SITE123's simpler, budget-friendly $5.80/month Premium plan with basic functionalities like domain connection and a simple store option

Additional Costs and Fees with Wix

For eCommerce businesses, Wix charges transaction fees according to the country where you’re selling. Additionally, it can also charge you for the following:

Domain Name Fee

While the domain is free for the first year on all plans except Connect Domain, the users have to pay the Wix domain cost per year after the free year to retain the domain.

Domain Email Address

A custom email address can build authenticity and trust, especially if you want to email your customers order confirmations, shipping details and build an email marketing list.

Unfortunately, none of Wix’s premium plans include a domain email address. You will have to purchase it separately if you need it.

Specialized apps

If you wish to use specialized third-party apps on Wix, you will need to pay an additional fee. Some apps including site booster and visitor analytics are free for the first year on some plans. After the free year, you must pay the premium price if you wish to continue using these apps.

Wix Pricing – Final Words

Wix offers a diverse range of plans tailored to different needs.

For personal sites, it's wise to begin with the free plan, then consider upgrading to the Connect Domain or Combo Plan. However, these may not be suitable if you intend to sell products or services.

For e-commerce starters, the Business Basic plan is a cost-effective choice. Yet, if you aim to build credibility, the Business Unlimited plan is recommended, offering added tools like user reviews.

Lastly, for just a slight price hike, the VIP Business Plan brings advanced features, making it ideal for expanding online businesses. Use this guide to align your choice with your specific goals.

Wix Pricing FAQs

Does Wix have any hidden costs?

Wix does not have any hidden costs. However, you must pay for your domain after your one-year free domain voucher expires. Plus, getting access to a domain email address and specialized apps for websites and online stores requires you to pay an additional price.

Is the domain free with Wix premium plans?

All of Wix’s premium plans (excluding Connect Domain) offer a free domain for one year. However, the caveat is that you’ll only be able to avail of this if you pay for a year or more upfront.

Which features do all Business premium Wix plans offer?

All business premium plans offer Wix ads removal, unlimited bandwidth, recurring payments, customer accounts, free domain for a year, abandoned cart recovery, selling on social channels, and access to powerful premium apps on the Wix App Market.

Does Wix offer a free trial?

Wix doesn't offer a free trial explicitly. However, users who pay for 12 months upfront on any one of their premium plans get a no-questions-asked 14-day money-back guarantee similar to a free trial of the services.

Can I sell on my Wix free plan?

Unfortunately, you cannot sell on your Wix free or premium website Wix account. You will need to purchase one of the three business plans at Wix to start accepting online payments.

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Business Basic Plan: Use Case

Samanta started out with a 3D animation portfolio with a Connect Domain plan, but she’s recently gotten a lot of potential customers who want to purchase these assets. Samantha decided to upgrade to the Business Basic plan to unlock payment methods. Since Samantha has a few customers, the basic tools are enough to get the ball rolling.

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